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Found here is listing of items in my personal collection for the purpose of cataloging and talking with other traders about our hobby. It is not my intention to sell items or advertise items for sale.


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Common US Dreamcast Releases

    4x4 Evolution:
    4 Wheel Thunder:
    Army Men: Sarge's Heroes:
    Confidential Mission:
    Charge N Blast:
    Crazy Taxi:
    Crazy Taxi 2:
    Dead or Alive 2:
    Demolition Racer: No Exit:
    Evil Dead: Hail to the King:
    Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge:
    Gauntlet Legends:
    Grand Theft Auto 2:
    Gundam: Side Story:
    House of the Dead 2:
    Hydro Thunder:
    Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000:
    Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure:
    King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999:

    Looney Tunes Space Race:
    Maken X:
    Matt Hoffman Pro BMX:
    Max Steel: Covert Mission:
    MDK 2:  


 Imports, Patched games, & Other Unusual Stuff

     18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker: [JP]

    Action Replay CDX Beta: Demo disk of the AR originally bundled in a UK Dreamcast magazine that will allow booting of import games. It has better luck booting legitimate imports than the Utopia boot disk. This is what us old folk used to play imports before Utopia came along.

    Advance Daisenkyu 2001: A sequel to Iron Storm, WWII sim in Japanese [JP] 

    Aerodancing FSD: [JP] 

    The Beat Down - Beat 'em up Collection

    Bubble Bobble: Arcade emulator of the classic bubble-blowing dino action game. Supports 2 players and runs right around 90-100% speed with sound enabled. 

    Buggy Heat: This is the Japanese version of  the US TNN racing game [JP] 

    Capcom VS SNK: Uncut when compared to the US version, has the full vocal FX and "fuck" in the background music on the Final Fight remix stage. [JP] 

    Capcom VS SNK: Pro Edition: Tweaked a bit from the first incarnation, adds characters Joe from Fatal Fury & Dan from Street Fighter Alpha. [JP] 

    Capcom VS SNK 2: [JP] 

    Castlevania: Symphony of Destruction: A fairly interesting Beats of Rage mod using Castlevania settings and characters

    Codebreaker: Cheat device similar to Gameshark, also allows booting of import disks.

    Dance Dance Revolution: [JP] 

    Daytona USA 2001: Available in either [JP] or [US] versions. Both are the same except for the language used in the menu screens. Great arcade conversion.

    DC Tonic: Collection of homebrew games, demos, and applications. 

    DC VCD Boot Disk: Cracked version of VCD boot disk. 

    Dead or Alive 2: Limited Ed: [JP] 

    Death Crimson 2: [JP] 

    Dino Crisis: [US] or [JP] 

    Doom DC Beta 1: Emulated PC versions of both Doom and Doom 2. No sound but works great.

    Drastic Game Collection Vol 2: Contains full versions of Silent Scope, Zombie Revenge, and The Grinch.

    Fighting Vipers 2: [JP]

    Fire Pro Wrestling D: [JP]

    Frame Gride: [JP] 

    Gameshark CDX: This is the cracked version that works with regular VMU. It also allows the booting of import disks. 

    Garou: Mark of the Wolves: [JP] 

    Green Beret: Arcade emulation of a side scrolling Konami action game that, if I'm not mistaken, is the same as Rush'n Attack. Runs right around full speed with sound. 

    Guilty Gear X: [JP] 

    Gunbird 2: [JP] 

    Half Life: Full finished version of the game that was cancelled before being released. 

    Heavy Metal Geomatrix: [JP]

    Headhunter: Patched to NTSC. [2CD, PAL] 

    Ikaruga: [JP]

    Illbleed: Controls a bit clunky, but this survival horror game can hold it's own. Available in either [JP] or [US] versions. 

    Jet Set Radio: [JP] 

    King of Fighters 99: Evolution: Contains the blood, animations, and moves that were censored/removed for the US version. [JP] 

    King of Fighters 2000: Strange bug makes the status bars turn invisible on some systems, but otherwise an excellent arcade conversion. [JP]

    King of Fighters 2001: [JP]

    King of Fighters 2002: [JP]

    Last Blade 2: [JP] 

    Mars Matrix: [JP] 

    Marvel VS Capcom 2: Available in either [JP] or [US] versions. If I'm not mistaken the Jap version has some animation that was removed from the US one.

   Mortal Kombat Gold: An upgrade to MK4, has a few extra characters not found in other versions. Does not have audio tracks. [US]

    Mr. Driller: No background audio [US]