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Common US Dreamcast Releases

    The Next Tetris:
    Psychic Force 2012:
    Quake 3 Arena:
    Rainbow 6:
    Rayman 2:
    Record of the Lodoss War:
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica: [2CD, US] 
    Resident Evil 2: [2CD, US] 

    San Fransisco Rush 2049:
    Sega Extreme Sports:
    Sega Rally 2:
    Sega Smash Pack Volume 1:
    Shenmue: [3CD, US] 
    Silent Scope:
    Snocross Championship Racing:
    Soldier of Fortune: [2CD, US] 
    Sonic Adventure:
    Sonic Adventure 2:
    Sports Jam:
    Star Wars Demolition:
    Star Wars Racer:
    Street Fighter Alpha 3:
    Street Fighter 3: Double Impact:
    Sword of the Berserk:
    Tech Romancer:
    Tennis 2k2:
    Time Stalkers:
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater:
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2:
    Toy Commander:
    Ultimate Fighting Championship:
    Unreal Tournament:
    Vanishing Point:
    Virtua Fighter 3:Team Battle:
    Virtua Striker 2000:
    Virtua Tennis:
    Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram:
    World Series Baseball 2k1:
    World Series Baseball 2k2:
    WWF Royal Rumble:
    Zombie Revenge:

 Imports, Patched games, & Other Unusual Stuff

    NesterDC v6: An excellent NES emulator combined with over 1300 ROMs.

    OBSIDIAN Genesis emulator: Same emulator as on the Sega Smash Pack, only with a redone smoother interface. Chock full of ROMs. [2CD]

    Phantasy Star Online: Available in either [JP] or [US] versions. Both are completely in English.

    Powerstone 2: [JP] 

    Pro Pinball Trilogy: Patched to NTSC mode. [PAL]

    Quake: Emulated version of the PC game. Runs smooth as hell, includes sound and VMU support.

    Quake Mod Collection: Compilation of over 100 different Quake mods.

    Re-Volt: Decent driver/shooter with RC cars. No background music on this version. [US] 

    Red Dog: Patched to NTSC mode. [PAL] 

    Rent a Hero No.1: [JP] 

    Rez: [JP]

    Sega GT: Available in either [JP] or [US] versions. Not sure if there are any differences beyond menu language.

    Shenmue: [3CD, US] 

    Shenmue 2: Patched to NTSC mode. [4CD, PAL] 

    Smash DC: A homebrew game that's a Smash TV clone. Nice graphics and sounds, also supports up to four players at once. 

    SMEG v.84: A near perfect SMS emulator with around 170 SMS and Game Gear ROMs. 

    Snow Surfers: Patched to NTSC mode, no background audio. [PAL] 

    Soul Fighter: Has a PAL or NTSC selector upon booting. Think "3d Golden Axe, but only crappier." [PAL]

    Spawn: In the Demon's Hand: [JP] 

    Street Fighter II: The World Warrior: Arcade emulator that runs the original version of Street Fighter II. Runs about 90-100% speed without sound, around 85% or so with sound on. A bit buggy, but pretty good.

    Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike: [JP] 

    Stunt GP: Patched to NTSC mode. [PAL] 

    Super Hero Retsuden: [JP] 

    Super Puzzle Fighter 2x: [JP]

    Super Runabout: Available in either [JP] or [US] versions. US version supposedly has smoother control and some physics tweaking. 

    Tokyo Highway Battle 2: [JP] 

    Toy Commander X-Mas Edition

    Toy Racer: Patched to NTSC mode. [PAL] 

    Twinkle Star Spirits: [JP]

    Typing of the Dead: (Sega) Unique and addictive take on House of the Dead, requires the DC keyboard. Available in either [US] or [JP] versions.

    Utopia Boot Loader 1.1: Allows booting of import games, emulators, and copied disks.

    Utopia Boot Loader 1.2:  Hack Hacked version of 1.1 disk, does same thing but has some VGA box support.

    V-Rally 2: Patched to NTSC mode. [PAL]

    Vampire Chronicles: [JP] 

    Virtua Athlete 2k: [JP] 

    Virtua Cop 2: Not an arcade port, but rather a conversion of the PC rev. Same as the one included on the Sega Smash Pack. [JP] 

    Worms World Party: Updated version of the strategy game, patched to NTSC mode. [PAL] 

    Yu Suzuki's Gameworks: (Sega) Arcade perfect ports of Space Harrier, Outrun, Afterburner, Hang On, & Power Drift. [JP]

    Zero Gunner 2: [JP]