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TG-16 / PC Engine Duo game listing

I'm running these on an emulator, so I'm not sure about the requirements for running them on a console.
Abbreviations: [US], [Jap], [PAL] = source of game 

    Art of Fighting: (Hudson) The best home conversion of the Neo Geo arcade fighter, including a remixed soundtrack not found on any other version. [Jap, needs Arcade Card]

    Double Dragon II: A strange, virtually re-imagining port of the arcade game with redesigned characters, backgrounds, & AST. [Jap]

    Dracula X: (Konami) I didn't enjoy it as much as Symphony of the Night, but this is a masterpiece that is still great by any standards. If you're a fan of any form of Castlevania, pick this up. [Jap, Super CD]

    Fighting Street: One of the first CD games to be released, this is a conversion of the original Street Fighter coin-op. Pure garbage. [US] 

    Garou Densetsu 2 aka Fatal Fury 2: (Hudson) Great conversion of the Neo Geo coin op. [Jap, needs Arcade Card]

    Garou Densetsu Special aka Fatal Fury Special: (Hudson) Best home version available, much better than SNES or Sega CD versions. [Jap, needs Arcade Card]

    Godzilla: 2d fighter based on the Toho license and features a shitload of characters from the movies. I'm not sure if this came out before or after the Super Famicom fighting game, but it plays and looks exactly like it. [US]

    Golden Axe CD: Everyone needs to play this just to see how horribly it stacks up against the Sega cartridge versions. [Jap]

    Power Golf 2: (Hudson) Also called "Power Golfer 2" on the cover. [Jap, Super CD]

    World Heroes 2: (Hudson) A great conversion of the Neo Geo arcade game, features all the characters and modes of the arcade and blows the SNES version away.  [Jap, needs Arcade Card]