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    1 Ichi: (2003) Shot on video prequel to Ichi the Killer, which I thought was somewhat lame and uneventful. Tells the story of Ichi in high school and how he first discovered his dysfunctions with violence and sexuality. I'd recommend this for Ichi fanboys only, those who haven't seen the original probably won't care for this. In non-anamorphic widescreen with English subtitles, also includes a bonus interview and trailer.  [? source]

    3 Dev Adam aka 3 Mighty Men aka Turkish Captain America VS Spiderman: (1973) A legendary Turkish superhero outing that truly lives up to the reputation proceeding it. Spiderman is a switchblade wielding crime syndicate boss stealing priceless antiques across Turkey. Captain America and Mexican wrestler Santos are called in by the Turkish authorities in an attempt to stop the madman. This isn't Stan Lee's Spiderman, as the opening scene is Spidey giving a boat propeller to the face to a woman buried up to her neck in sand! Watch as he punishes a snitch in his organization with rats that chew his face off! This is the official PAL release with removable English subtitles and is the most complete and best condition transfer that you will find. [R0 PAL]

    3 Supermen Against the Godfather aka Tre Supermen contro il Padrino: (1979) Wonderful Turkish superhero cheese, looks to be taken from a VHS tape along with burned in Greek subs, but what more could you ask for? The 3 Turkish supermen attempt to stop a crime boss (The Godfather) from stealing a Professors newly invented time machine, in order to steal priceless treasures and other inane shit like find out where his daughter went and who is backstabbing him. Typical Turkish insanity, but a very fun film that those of this particular genre will appreciate. [R0]

    8 Man: [R?]

    1999: Bronx Warriors aka 1990: I Guerrieri Del Bronx: (1982) In the shattered wasteland of inner-city New York, a desperate alliance of beleaguered gangs arm themselves for a final, apocalyptic battle against ruthless authorities in the year 1990. Young Ann (Stefania Girolami), a Manhattan runaway, finds herself alone and unprotected in the middle of this chaos, until gang leader Trash (Mark Gregory) steps in to take care of her. This cult classic features noted performances by Vic Morrow and Fred "The Hammer" Williamson. Think a low budget, Italian Escape from NY. [R1]

    2019: After the Fall of New York aka 2019 - Dopo La Caduta Di New York (1983) After the holocaust, a mercenary (Michael Sopkiw) must infiltrate New York City and rescue the only fertile woman (Velentine Monnier) left on Earth. But with the obstacles ahead, he will need the help of Big Ape and Ratchet to accomplish the mission and save the human race from extinction. Trashy Italian post-apocalyptic garbage. [R1]

    Armageddon: [R0]

    The Assassin: (1993) Amazingly stylish and violent HK sword flick with a stunning gore quotient and Rosemund Kwan. Longhaired swordsmen slaughter folks wholesale for the Emperor until one rebels. Kind of a cross between Conan the Barbarian and The Killer with big-time carnage and beautiful camera work. Outstanding heart-ripping, head chopping fun for the whole family. Widescreen in Chinese with English subtitles. [R0]

    Attack the Gas Station: (1999) More of a comedy than an action, this Korean film is about a group of bored teenagers that decide to do their usual routine of robbing a local gas station. After finding that there isn't much cash left since the last time they robbed it they decide to tie up the owners and employees and run the station themselves. Pissing of customers, inciting gang fights, its all in a night's work. Full frame in Korean with English subtitles. [R0] 

    Ballistic Kiss: (1999) Donnie Yen's directorial debut, Yen plays a brooding cop turned hitman who happens to get a job to kill a guy guarded by his former partner who set him up during a NY drug bust. Things get a little tricky when they cops are after Yen and Yen is after blood! Beautifully shot with smoky rooms, slo-mo blood-drenched shoot-outs and some martial arts thrown in for good measure.[R0]

    Battle Royal: (2000) Absolutely kick-ass, ultra-violent Japanese updating of Class of 1984 starring Beat Takashi. In the not too distant future society is at a breaking point. Teenagers are wildly out of control, abusing adults, ditching school and perpetrating random acts of violence. Because of this the BR (Battle Royal) Act is passed. Thirty high-schoolers are randomly picked to be taken to a small remote island where they are given explosive neck-collars and random weapons. The rules? None. One kid must be left standing in three days time. All the others must die… violently. Loaded with jarring action and graphic bloodletting this film was highly controversial in Japan due to the rising tide of youth violence and for that very same reason will undoubtedly never see the light of day in the US. Super de-duper bootleg edition that is 16:9 widescreen, extras, and is also the extended director's cut which has even more violence and cleaned up FX than the original version! [R0 bootleg] 

    Battle Royal Extras Disk: Taken from the PAL special edition, this is a disk chock full with tons of extras, all with English subtitles. [R0 PAL]

    Battle Royal 2: (2003) Big budget production that has the survivors from part 1 leading a terrorist organization against all adults! The adults throw in more school kids into the BR2 program but this time the kids must fight a war against the “terrorists”. The effects are incredible, and much like those used in Saving Private Ryan as you get to watch kids eating bullets, puking and dying off one by one as they prepare to land on the beach, heads are blown off in gruesome detail, people shot, body parts scattering in explosions and general action and mayhem! Source looks to be taken from the Jap R2 w/ 16:9 pic, 5.1 sound + extras. [R2]

    Beast Cops: (1998) Anthony and Michael Wong star as two cops caught in the middle of a Triad power struggle after the kingpin of the gang disappears. This came off as a solid movie although it features hardly any gunplay and only a few violent scenes. I don't regard it as highly as many people do, but it's worth watching. [R0]

    A Better Tomorrow: [R1]

    A Better Tomorrow 2: [R1]

    A Better Tomorrow 3: [R0]

Beyond Hypothermia: (1996) Billed by some as one of the must see movies in HK action, I thought this one had a bit too much human drama and poorly played out emotional turmoil to suit my tastes. A female hitman (Wu Chien Lien) with no recollection of her past is contracted to snuff a Triad boss, a Triad bodyguard then vows vengeance. In the meantime, our hitman (who's body temperature is 5 degrees below normal, don't ask) falls in love with a noodle cook ( Lau Ching Wan) who feeds her scalding hot noodles after each successful hit. Does have some nice action sequences and visual flair, worth watching. Cantonese with burned in English subs. [? source]

    Bionic Ninja: Letterboxed [R0]

    The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi: (2003) [R1]

    Bloodfingers aka Brutal Boxer aka Tang Ran Ke: (1972) Most definitely one of the bloodiest kung fu films of the genre. The plot is some insipid revenge shit that defies logic, English dubbing laughable, and the fight scenes aren't choreographed with the grace of say a Bruce Lee or Sonny Chiba film but have more of a raw, anything goes street fight feel to them. You'll notice a wide array of weapons used in this film towards the end and some nice blood to accompany for good measure.

    Bride with White Hair 2: (1993) [R0]

    The Bronx Warriors 2: Good quality, widescreen source. [? source]

    Bullet in the Head
: (1990) [R3]

    City of Lost Souls aka Hazard City: (2001) Cult director Takashi Miike's weird, stylized, violent Yakuza film. A "cool Brazilian bastard" and his Chinese girlfriend want nothing more than to get married and leave Japan. In order to do this he decides they should rip-off the money from the local cockfight, instead they accidentally rip-off a Yakuza drug-deal and the Yakuza want it back. Very MTV / comic book style (in one scene the couple jump off of a helicopter some 70' in the air and land on a building which explodes as they stride out of the milieu without a hair out of place) with lots of skewed satire on gangster movies and even a cockfighting scene that parodies Crouching Tiger and The Matrix. Widescreen in Japanese with English subs, taken from the Mei-Ah flipper disk. [2 DVD's, R0]

    Cross of Iron: (1977) Sam Peckinpah’s gritty WWII classic starring James Coburn, Maximilian Schell, James Mason, David Warner, etc. Told from the German perspective, Peckinpah gets to really work his themes of the horrors of violence and impending death with the Germans facing the end of the war and the onslaught of the Russians. Skip that trendy Spielberg crap starring an ex-cross-dressing TV comedian, and watch a real movie about dubya dubya eye eye. This IS the uncut version! [R1]

    Crying Freeman: Uncut? Widescreen in English language with Japanese subtitles [VHS]

    Dead or Alive: [R1]

    Dead or Alive 2: [R1]

    Dead or Alive Final: [R1]

    Deadbeat at Dawn: [R1, 2 DVD's]

    Death Machines: (1976) [R1]

    The Deathless Devil aka Yilmayan Seytan: (1972) Not only does the diabolical Dr. Satan have the best moustache ever, but he’s also got an evil scheme in mind to steal the technology that a professor has invented that allows him to control things such as robots and airplanes remotely. He wants to use this technology to control an army of robots that he plans on building and via the wonders of this remote control system, have them do his bidding. Unfortunately for Dr. Satan, a young man (Kunt Tulgar) has just found out that his late father was really a superhero named Copperhead, from his adopted father who has raised him as his own. He takes his father’s mask and puts it on, bringing the family tradition back to life. Turkish with English subtitles. [R1]

    Demir Yumruk Devler Geliyor aka Iron Fists: The Giants are Coming; Turkish Bat-Superman: (1973) Turkish audio with removable English subtitles. [R0 PAL]

    Diamond Ninja Force aka Ghost Ninja: [R0]

    Doctor of Doom: (1963) [R1]

    The Dragon Lives Again aka Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: (1976) Hallucinatory kung fu weirdness finds Bruce Lee spending the afterlife in Hell where he must defend the King of the Underworld’s throne from a coup attempt by Dracula, the Exorcist, Clint Eastwood, Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, James Bond and Emanuelle. Since this is obviously too formidable of a lineup for even Lee to take on by himself he enlists the aid of fellow souls damned for eternity: Kwai Chang Caine, the One Armed Swordsman and that most accomplished martial artist of them all, Popeye. Yes, that’s right, Popeye. As in Popeye the Sailor Man, the cartoon character. Needless to say, this is another one you absolutely have got to see to believe. Absolutely crazy. Dubbed in English. [R0]

Duel to the Death: (1983) An amazing wire-fu outing and directorial debut of Siu-Tung Ching that tells the story of an annual martial arts tournament held between China and Japan. Political intrigue surrounds the tournament this year as clandestine ninja operations plan to thwart the tournament in Japan's favor. Features tons of blood and some truly amazing stunts, and possibly the greatest ninja presence ever on film. Kite flying ninjas, sand ninjas, camouflaged tree ninjas, even naked female ninjas! A really great film that even those who don't enjoy martial arts films would like. A wonderful 16:9 subtitled version that I am pretty sure is uncut. [R1]

Electric Dragon 80000v: [R1]

    Enter the Seven Virgins aka Virgins of the Seven Seas: (1974) Sexy white slaves learn kung fu and rebel against their evil, whip-wielding warlord in this incredible Shaw Brothers/Wolf C. Hartwig co-production that can best be described as a trashaholic’s wet dream come true! Tons of nudity, gory bloodshed, and topless ass kickings galore make this one an instant classic! Letterboxed with English subtitles.

    The Expendables 2: Wild Team aka Thunder Squad (1985)

    Fist Power: [R1]

Five Deadly Venoms: (1978) Violent Shaw Bros. classic kung-fu pic about five of the deadliest fighters who use fighting styles that are exceptionally fast and lethal. Their master fears that they may use their skills for evil and has his latest pupil track them down. Decent dubbed transfer of one of the best flicks of the genre, ranking right under Master of the Flying Guillotine [R1]

    Fudoh: The New Generation: (1996) An incredible Japanese mob flick directed by Takashi Miike. A young Yakuza boy witnesses his brother's death at the hands of their father after a disagreement over the direction that the crime syndicate should take. Vowing revenge, the son grows up and forms his own band of teenage gang members each with a unique talent for killing. Violent & graphic, includes some very fucked up individuals like a girl who assassinates by shooting darts out of her pussy. Widescreen, Japanese language with English subtitles. [R1]

    Fulltime Killer: (2001) Andy Lau, Takashi Sorimachi and Simon Yam star in this slick HK action flick. Lau plays a flashy, flamboyant hit man who at one time was an Olympic shooter and now is looking to unseat the reigning king of killers (Sorimachi) while a frustrated cop and a squad of clay pigeons try and hunt them down. Lots of style and visual effects and some cool slo-mo shoot outs. Widescreen with English subtitles. [R0]

    Full Contact: (1992) Simon Yam plays Judge, a doublecrossing, psychopathic, homosexual mob boss who convinces his dopey cousin Sam (Anthony Wong) to double cross his friend Godfrey (Chow Yun Fat) in an ammo heist to pay off Sam's loanshark. Betrayed and left for dead, Godfrey trains and goes gunning for revenge against those who wronged him. Plotline is thin but the gunplay and gore more than makes up for it. This is a widescreen movie-only DVD with either Cantonese or English audio & English subs. [R1]

    Full Metal Gokudo: [? source]

    Golden Queen's Commando aka Amazon Commando, Seven Black Heroines: (1982) Absolutely insane Dirty Dozen/Spaghetti Western/Women in Prison hybrid from Chu Yen Ping. What begins as a crime film, slips into a women behind bars film, then to a prison escape film, then a World War 2 secret mission film, onward into a western; there are ghosts, a James Bond spoof and everything you can think of except a musical number. This film almost (literally) has it all. And its all just serious enough to be interesting and silly enough to be enjoyable, I guarantee any fan of Asian action films will enjoy something in it. Taken from a pan and scan VHS, English dubbed with Spanish subtitles.

    Hard Boiled: (1992) Directed by John Woo and starring Chow Yun Fat, this is one of the films that propelled Chow into the international limelight. While the "cop who plays by his own rules" thing might be cliché, this film is jam fucking packed with style and action from the beginning to the end. Buckets of bullets & blood and some really amazing action scenes will make you a believer in HK cinema. Blows away any US action fare. Anthony Wong also co-stars. Widescreen with English subs. [R0, Dual-sided] I also have a movie-only of the R1, which has dubtitles and isn't OAR.

    Hong Kong History X: [R0]

    Ichi the Killer aka Koroshiya 1: (2001) Uncut with English subtitles. [R2]

     Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone: (2000) [R0]

    The Killer: Criterion Collection: (1989) Another John Woo/Chow Yun Fat team up, this time Chow stars as a hitman who falls in love with a woman he accidentally blinds when pulling off a hit and then decides to give up his life of crime. On his last job he's betrayed by his employer and has to team up with a cop who's hot on his trail in order to bring down the baddies. I didn't enjoy it as much as Hard Boiled, but it's still an excellent flick. Criterion edition includes commentary by Woo and deletes scenes not found in any other version. [R0 bootleg]

    The Last Mercenary aka Rolf: (1983) Low-rent, cheesy Italian action/revenge flick that occasionally slips into surrealism. An ex-merc wants nothing more than to give up his violent past and settle down with the woman he loves (and is constantly fighting with), but his past will not leave him alone. In addition to the local chief of police who is after his woman, an old co-worker pops up wanting him to pilot a planeload of smack. When our hero refuses (because his prostitute mother was killed by the big H), a gang of his old merc buddies gang-rape and kill his woman. Now it’s time for revenge – or in this case to get your ass kicked a lot first. Quite violent and bizarre. At one point our hero is unconscious on the ground after getting the snot kicked out of him and the camera focuses for what seems like days on black worms crawling on his open hand. Dubbed in English with Greek subtitles. [R0]

    Ley Lines: [?]

    Live like a Cop, Die like a Man: (1976) Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust) directs this violent Italian cop drama about a duo of vigilante cops who basically act cocky and shoot people. This was billed to me as both "nihilistic" and "extreme", although I wouldn't go that far. Interesting take on the 70's cop drama, of which I've not watched a lot of. English dubbed with Swedish (?) subs, looks to be a cropped, full frame version. Taken from my crappy VHS tape. I'm almost 100% sure this is the uncut version.

    Mafia VS Ninja: [R0]

    Makai Tensho: Reincarnation from Hell: (2003) [R?]

    Makai Tensho: Samurai Reincarnation: [R1]

    Magnificent Butcher: (1979) [R1]

    Master of the Flying Guillotine: (1971) Uncut, letterboxed, English subtitled print of this classic kung-fu cult-flick starring, written and directed by Jimmy Wang Yu, about a blind monk, armed with a nifty decapitation weapon, who is out for revenge against the One-Armed Boxer who killed his students (who were working for the government). This is one of the few "revenge for death" films in which the hero is not the one who is out for revenge. Naturally, there are cool fights galore including one in a hut with a red-hot steel floor and one with a Hindu guy who's arms can stretch out 7 feet long! Great stuff.16:9 widescreen, subtitled version [R1]

    Midnite Angels 3: [R1]

    The New Barbarians: [R1]

    Ninja in the Claws of the CIA: [R0]

    Ninja in the Killing Field: Letterboxed [R0]

    Ninja Fists of Fire: [R0]

    Ninja Terminator: (1985) Spectacularly awful Godfrey Ho directorial outing featuring another two unrelated HK movies spliced into one. Caucasian ninja master Harry must retrieve the 3 parts of the golden ninja idol to unlock supreme ninja arts, but mostly spends his time talking on a Garfield phone and stabbing crabs. There's ninja death threats sent via wind up robot, main villain wearing a horrid blond wig, and fights breaking out over restaurant directions. A summary just can't do it justice, it's non-stop action with scenes inserted for no reason and the most non-sexual sex scene I've seen. Highly recommended! [R0]

: [R1]

Osaka Tough Guys: [R1]

Rainy Dog: [?]

    Raw Force aka Kung-Fu Cannibals, Shogun's Island: (1982) A group of martial arts students are en route to an island that supposedly is home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. A Hitler lookalike and his gang are running a female slavery operation on the island as well. The two groups meet, and the craziness begins, including cannibal monks, piranhas, zombies, gore, and more. The acting is wooden and FX laughable, but a surprising amount of tits and female full frontal combine with loads of badly realized gore including axe massacres and decapitations, hammy jokes and bad taste romance. The trash-value of this movie will literally leave you speechless. [R0]

Riki-oh: The Story of Ricky: (1991) [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Sakuya: Slayer of Demons: subtitled [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    The Lost World of Sinbad aka The 7th Wonder of Sinbad, The Adventures of Sinbad, The Great Thief Daitozoku: (1963) Uncut rousing fantasy swashbuckler from Toho starring Toshiro Mifune as "Sinbad." Lots of fun here with gorgeous cinematography, cheesy optical effects, sword fights galore, Mifune on a giant kite, a groovy whips’n’chains dance number, frog geeking and some serious cleavage shots for the kiddies. Non-anamorphic widescreen in Japanese with English subtitles (R2? source)

    Scorpion Thunderbolt: (1988) Another Godfrey Ho cut & splicer (English parts courtesy Richard Harrison) about a rampaging snake monster that is stalking innocent Hong Kong citizens. Unbeknownst to everyone the snake monster is actually a female whose father was the "prince of snakes" and mother was the daughter of a rural medicine man that specialized in making medicine from snake parts! For good measure some completely unrelated martial arts clips are cut in (with a chainsaw) about a witch trying to recover American Ninja Harrison's magical ring. Harrison even gets to pick up a tit-flashing hitchhiker who takes him back for a little fucking/attempted murder in a porn theater. [R0]

    Shaolin VS Evil Dead: Ultimate Power aka Shaolin VS Evil Dead 2: (2006) Ambitious but somewhat poorly done CG work is peppered throughout this wire-fu tale of two martial arts students, one upholding a path of righteousness and the the other living a cursed bloodline seeking his clan's two sacred swords to become the ultimate badass. You won't find any gore or a whole lot of horror elements, I guess the main antagonist being covered with green facepaint and sporting dime-store vampire teeth towards the end was the "evil dead" portion of the title. Setpieces are exquisite, and prepare yourself after the final fight of using the five elements against the evil one to see one of the most abrupt, out of left field head-scratcher endings you've seen. 16:9 widescreen in Chinese with English subtitles. [R0]

    Shinjuku Triad Society: [R1]

Street Fighter's Last Revenge: (1974) [R1]

    Sukiyaki Western Django: [R1]

    Supermen Donuyor aka Superman Returns aka Turkish Superman: (1979) Turkish audio with removable English subtitles. [R0 PAL]

    Tarkan vs. the Vikings: (1971) A mighty barbarian warrior guy who runs around with his dog Kurt, saving pretty women from danger. He’s currently in the employ of the daughter of an important political person, who runs afoul of some bloodthirsty Turkish Vikings, who worship a bizarre Lovecraftian man eating octopus. Why do they want the girl? To sacrifice her to their god, of course! Turkish action with English subs. [R1]

    Taxi Hunter: (1994) A

    Tiger Joe aka Fuga dall'archipelago maledetto: (1982) Cool Antonio Margheriti semi-sequel to his previous 'Nam classic The Last Hunter. David Warbeck returns as a post-war pilot, who along with his crew (Alan Collins and Tony King), runs guns to the rebels. During a run he screws the pooch and finds himself in enemy territory and it's up to his chums to try and rescue him. What they don't know is he is pretty much kicking ass on his own. Fun stuff with lots of massive explosions, gun battles, jungle warfare and amusing dialogue. In English with Dutch subtitles. [R0]

    The Ultimate Ninja: [R0]

    Vengance aka A Dog Named Vengance aka El Perro: (1976) [R0]

    Violent Cop: [R0]

    The Warrior: (1985) Notoriously violent and hugely successful Indonesian martial-arts action film starring Barry Prima. A young warrior must save his land from oppression by a cruel and sadistic foreign dictator who tortures his captives. Sort of a historical sword and sorcery film with lots of bloodshed & gore. Eyes are gouged out, limbs hacked off, bodies chopped in two, etc.16:9 widescreen with English subs. [R0]

The Way to Fight: [R1]

    Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy: (1964) [R1]

    Yakuza Demon aka Kikoku: (2003) A story of a small Yakuza gang who's boss finds himself in trouble after a money dispute with the other bosses in his crime family. After a rival family declares war on them, the boss soon finds himself in jail and under scrutiny. His two remaining underlings (including Riki Takeuchi) decide to advance their fledgling group in the family by destroying the rival society themselves, thus endangering their own outnumbered organization and alienating themselves from it. Takashi Miike directs this somber gangster flick that plays it straight unlike many of his more flamboyant outings. [R1]

The Yakuza Way: (1998) Taken from my VHS tape.

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman: [R1]

Zatoichi: The Festival of Fire: (1970) [R1]

   Zatoichi Meets the One Armed Swordsman: [R1]

Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo: (1970) [R!]