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Foreign Horror, Sleaze, & Gore on DVD (1999) A struggling script writer attempts to write a trilogy of horror stories all having something to do with a haunted website called The three stories center around a group of individuals in a school dormitory, each story focusing on a different character and the ghostly events that happen to them. English subtitled. [R0]

    All Night Long: (1992) Strange, gory underdog tale of revenge done in over-the-top Japanese slasher style. Three teenage outcasts happen to meet when they all are waiting at a railroad crossing only to view a grisly knife murder of a young girl. The kids strike up a friendship and plan on having a small party where each of them invite a female guest. Bad luck sets in, and every kid ends up losing their date for one reason or another, and when they all finally end up at the party alone they decide to quit being pussies and revert to some vigilante justice. I found it to be an unspectacular but enjoyable movie with a pretty solid plot. [Dutch PAL R0]

    All Night Long 2: aka Atrocity (1995) This in-title only sequel easily one-ups it’s predecessor in the nastiness factor by essentially reworking Ruggero Deodato’s House on the Edge of the Park. When a nerdy teen is singled out by a group of thugs lead by homosexual sadist for extortion, the leader takes an obsessive shine to him. After forcing him to watch the brutal abuse of a female kidnapping victim, the gang decides to invade the nerds home and have bloody “fun” with the guests. A girl is forced to masturbate, others are sliced up and suddenly our nerd snaps and slaughters everyone friend and foe alike. [R0] 

    All Night Long 3: A nerdy schoolboy becomes obsessed with an older woman and proceeds to go through her trash, collecting things such as tampons and other person items. Later, he "saves" her from being raped and, well, it's just another fucked up entry in the All Night Long series so I'll let you figure out the rest of the plot. [R0]

    Audition: (1999) Overrated Takashi Miike horror/suspense entry that everyone seems to jack themselves over. If you haven't heard the plotline (which really is a spoiler in itself) it goes something like this; a lonely old fart is looking to find a new wife after his kicks the bucket but he doesn't want to play the dating game. His pal cooks up this plot to set up a mock interview as if they were casting for an actress in a film, but really it's just an excuse for the widower to talk to a bunch of girls and find out the dirt on all of them. The one he falls for looks innocent enough, but she's real fucked up. It's a competent flick with some fucked up moments, but I don't see a lot of the groundbreaking originality that's sometimes attributed to it. [R3]

    Brother of Darkness: [R0]

    The Butcher: [R1]

    A Chinese Ghost Story: [R0]

    Crazy Lips: [R0]

    Cross Fire aka Pyrokinesis: (2000) Shusuke Kaneko proves with each new film why he is one of the top young talents in Japan! I don't want to give away too much of the plot, but here goes: A snuff movie ring run by a bunch of rich kids has been killing teenage girls seemingly at random. When one of the victims turns out to be a friend of a repressed young woman curse with the power of pyrokinesis, she decides to use her "gift" to get a brutal incendiary revenge on the killers. Sporting excellent acting, story and stunning, state of the art pyrotechnic FX - both live and CGI along with beautiful cinematography this is a Japanese horror-thriller not to be missed! Widescreen in Japanese with English subtitles [R0 bootleg]

    Curse aka Cannibal Curse: (1987) A convoluted mess of a story about reincarnated loves, rituals of the occult, and a snake god. The main character is looking for her long lost who was killed 20 years earlier (as was herself) then she was reincarnated and made a deal with a devil in the forest to meet her lost love. In return, the devil gets to have sex with her (?) Through it all we get horny cousins, Asian men in Speedos, and 2 old wizards cut straight out of the worst old kung fu movie. Pubic hair is optically blurred, which kinda offsets the ending when a guy vomits up worms and has snakes and squirmy things burst through his chest. Taken from the Video Asia DVD which looks to be a straight VCD conversion, widescreen with English subs.

    Dark Water: [R?]

    Diary of a Serial Killer: subtitled [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Dr. Lamb: (1992) The cata-gory III HK sicko that started it all. Danny Lee wrote, directed and stars in this trend setting bloodbath about a serial killer (Simon Yam) who has a penchant for cutting up hookers, at first with butcher knives and rotary saws, then graduates to surgical dissection. Danny Lee plays the cop out to put him away, and also as usual, the cops are usually played for laughs (one scene has them fumbling about with a severed breast). Lots of brutal tortures as usual for the genre, and some really quite amazingly realistic make-up FX. A grueling experience for strong stomachs. Widescreen in Chinese with English subtitles (slightly cut by about 20 seconds, I think). [R0]

    Ebola Syndrome: (1996) Very sick, foul and nasty Anthony Wong Category III flick in which Wong plays a none-too-bright murderer who takes a job in a restaurant and ends up feeding the owners to the customers. As if that isn't bad enough, Wong had contracted the Ebola virus by raping a dying black chick in Africa (I told you it was sick) and starts spreading it around China by raping and spitting on people. Be warned: this is very brutal, with graphic violence, rape, child death and various other unpleasant acts! Chinese with English subtitles [Dutch PAL R0]

    The Eternal Evil of Asia: [R0]

    Evil Dead Trap: [R1]

    Evil Dead Trap 2
: Burned-in English subtitles. [German PAL R2]

    The Evil of Dracula: [? source]

    The Eye: [R1]

    Freeze Me: [R1]

    Ghost in Heat: Another Cat III entry in the HK "rape comedy" genre. A nurse-turned-prostitute is screwed to death by a group of thugs and her spirit remains on earth. In the meantime, a zany reporter supplies comic relief by being receiving unwanted visions from the deceased whore. When the wandering spirit decides to extract revenge, wackiness ensues. Insert cheap FX with tons of sex and nudity and you've got a fine mix. English subtitled. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Ghoul Sex Squad: English subs (on top of Chinese subs) VHS source

    Gozu: Unrated version [R1]

    Guinea Pig - The Devil's Experiment: [German R2 PAL]

    Guinea Pig - Flower of Flesh and Blood
: (1985)
Extremely fucked up entry in the Guinea Pig series, it plays out a bit like a snuff film. A guy kidnaps a girl and slowly cuts her to bits. Japanese with English subtitles. [R1]

    Guinea Pig - Mermaid in the Manhole: (1988) Another fucked up gorefest, this one is really screwy. An artist finds a mermaid living in a sewer and takes her back to his apartment. Soon a pussing sore begins to grow on her stomach, and eventually it consumes her whole body. I won't spoil the ending, but needless to say its just as fucked up as the movie is. Japanese with no subtitles but you don't really need 'em. Taken from my shitty VHS tape.

Guts of a Beauty: [German PAL R2]

    Guts of a Virgin: [German PAL R2]

    Happiness of the Katakuris: [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    The Imp: (1996) Fucked up Cat III film that's still got me puzzled. A young woman has visions of her twin sister who disappeared in a small mountain village and goes looking for her. There she meets a group of people shooting some sort of film and tags along with them to find out what happened to her sister. They get picked off one by one and the ending is probably one of the weirder things I've seen. Not a lot of gore but lots of skin to make up for it. Chinese with English subs [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

Inugami: (2001) Strange little Japanese art house film about a small mountain village that has a dark secret. When a young man rides into town after his motorcycle runs out of gas, weird things start happening. He meets an aging spinster who the rest of the town believes has a curse. The curse of the Inugami – the Dog Gods, who wreak vengeance for past misdeeds. After the stranger and the spinster become romantically entangled, the spinster starts getting younger and village is whipped into a frenzy of insane hatred that culminates in a massacre. Lots of weird little plot twists and nudity to keep the film on the exploitational side of art house fare. Widescreen in Japanese with English subtitles. [R3]

    Izo: [R1]

    Ju-Rei: The Uncanny
: [R1]

    Kairo aka Pulse: (2001) Kiyoshi Kurosawa's latest strange, unique horror film that is impossible to describe in this short review. In what appears to be the not-too distant future, the skies are perpetually dark and the streets are barren from some cataclysmic event. When a young man accidentally stumbles on to a website that allows ghosts to enter the world of the living, what little population is left dies off one by one. One character theorizes, there is a finite amount of space in the ghost realm and when it is full, they overflow into the world of the living. Amazingly atmospheric, complex and creepy this is definitely recommended for fans of Japanese cinema. Widescreen in Japanese with English subtitles. [R3]

    The Lake of Dracula aka Bloodthirsty Eyes: (1973) English subtitles added to the original Japanese R2

    The Legacy of Dracula: English subtitles added to the original Japanese R2

    The Vampire Doll aka Fear of the Ghost House: Bloodsucking Doll: (1971) English subtitles added to the original Japanese R2

    Mahakaal: The Monster aka Indian Nightmare on Elm Street: With English subs [R1]

    Man Behind the Sun: [Dutch PAL R0 or NTSC R0]

Man Behind the Sun 2: Laboratory of the Devil: Subtitled, poor quality. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Ninja Vampire Busters: [R0]

    One Missed Call: [R1, 2 DVD's]

    Onibaba: [R1]

    Organ: [R0]

    The Peeping Tom aka Bare Foot Thriller: (1997) Very rough Cat III movie about a video voyeur who is obsessed with finding the perfect set of legs on a woman. Problem is, when he finds them he rapes the women then cuts their legs off with an electric saw. After several murders he sets his sights on the female detective investigating the case. Lots (& lots) of rape scenes along with a slight gore quotient. In Chinese with English subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Phone: [R1]

    R-Point: (2004) Set in January 1972, the South Korean base in Nah-Trang, Vietnam, receives a radio transmission from a missing platoon presumed dead. The high-command assigns the veteran and decorated Lieutenant Choi Tae-in to lead a squad with eight other soldiers and rescue the missing soldiers from the area known as R-Point. When they set up camp in a dilapidated castle all sorts of crazy shit starts happening as each soldier is confronted with the horrors surrounding them. An atmospheric Korean ghost story set during the Vietnam conflict, reminded me a lot of Deathwatch meets Apocalypse Now. Tense and creepy. [R1]

    Raped by an Angel aka Naked Killer 2: (1993) No angels in this movie, but a whole lot of raping. Contrary to the misleading cover, this comes off as a "Lifetime: TV for Women" TV movie with rape scenes (cover had 2 chicks with machine guns). A well-to-do businessman rapes a woman, and the rest of the movie is her trying to get people to believe he did it. Kinda long and draggy in some parts, but tasteless in an enjoyable way. In Chinese with English subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    The Rapist: (1994) While not as graphic as the title implies, this movie plays out more as a murder mystery than anything else. When several women in an apartment complex are raped a group of policemen try to get inside of a rapist's mind to see where he will strike next. A nice Cat III nudity-filled romp, in Chinese with English subs. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    The Ring: (1998) English subtitled print of this creepy-as-hell Japanese chiller! I can’t spoil it by giving out all of the plot elements, but basically a rumor has been spreading around Japan about a video tape or a TV station that when watched late at night causes the phone to ring, and a week later death visits you. Is it true? Horror fans world-wide have been going nuts over this riveting, atmospheric ghost story! Turn off the lights and watch it late at night for the best horror film in years! [R1]

    The Ring 2: (1999) Picking up right where the first film left off, this sequel explores the origins of the curse and explains all of the unanswered questions brought up by the first film. No plot spoilers here, but if you liked the first one, this is a must! Widescreen, in Japanese with English subs. [R0 PAL bootleg]

    School of the Holy Beast aka Convent of the Sacred Beast: (1974) An amazingly beautiful Japanese nunsploitation flick that is probably more exploitation than horror, liberally peppered with an astonishing level of violence and bloodspray. A Japanese youth goes undercover in a convent to find out what happened to her mother many years ago. Turns out that the nuns are sexually-repressed deviants who are driven to self-flagellate (topless, before the other nuns) for having impure thoughts. And if they don't police themselves, no worries, because the other nuns have no problem punishing one of their own for any sin. Most of their sins, by the way, are sexual. One of my favorite scenes involved forcing a nun to drink gallons of water then setting a picture of Jesus underneath, then daring her to piss on it. [R1]

    Scorpion Thunderbolt: (1988) Another Godfrey Ho cut & splicer (English parts courtesy Richard Harrison) about a rampaging snake monster that is stalking innocent Hong Kong citizens. Unbeknownst to everyone the snake monster is actually a female whose father was the "prince of snakes" and mother was the daughter of a rural medicine man that specialized in making medicine from snake parts! For good measure some completely unrelated martial arts clips are cut in (with a chainsaw) about a witch trying to recover American Ninja Harrison's magical ring. Harrison even gets to pick up a tit-flashing hitchhiker who takes him back for a little fucking/attempted murder in a porn theater. [R0]

    Shan Gou 1999 aka The Deadly Camp: (1999) This flick has both an Anthony Wong cameo and possibly one of the most annoying retard roles ever captured on celluloid. It's complete camp, one of the best worst movies I've sat through. A group of kids go to vacation on an island, only to be chopped to bits by a crazy chainsaw killer and his retarded son. Low budget, poor acting, horrible subs, the list goes on. There's not a lot of gore or FX but it's got a couple of scenes that are downright brutal. Plus, you get to see Wong try to educate the retard kid on how to have sex! A winner is you! [R0]

    St. John’s Wort: (2001) Strange, highly stylized Japanese answer to Blair Witch shot on digital video with oodles of FX. When a girl who works with a couple of other computer game developers finds herself the heir to a creepy old house out in the middle of nowhere, she and her ex-boyfriend decide to check it out. As it turns out her father was a demented painter who kidnapped and tortured children for inspiration in that very house. Weird stuff and human remains start piling up, but is the house haunted or are they being stalked? Widescreen in Japanese with English subtitles. [R3]

    Stacy: (2001) Japanese schoolgirls aged 15-17 are dying and becoming zombies which can only be killed with 150-something injuries. Combine this basic plot with some ham-fisted humor and blunt gore, then toss in a bunch of gay human drama that goes nowhere, along with a creepy semi-pedophilic relationship and an ending that leaves you scratching your head (or your ass), and you get this wonderful piece of garbage film. Some reviews praise it endlessly, but my mileage definitely varied. It's like a Japanese Ed Wood film. [R0 bootleg]

    Suicide Circle aka Suicide Club: (2002) An incomprehensible Japanese tale of pop culture gone awry. I can't really summarize the plot since there are so many twists and tangents (many of which go nowhere) but here we go.. A rash of (graphic) suicides plague the city which somehow gets tied to 1) a mysterious hacker 2) a website with a death counter 3) a preteen J-rock band 4) a child informant with emphysema & 5) deranged killers. Whodunnit? Who cares. It's one of those films fans like to think you're an idiot if you "don't get". If you can stumble over some of the plot you'll see some excellent gore fx and a few very disturbing scenarios. [R0 bootleg]

    Tahkhana aka The Dungeon: Bollywood "horror" (using that term loosely) about a guy who inherits a mansion with a hidden treasure in a dungeon beneath it. Unfortunately it's guarded by monster that looks like the lovechild of Frankenstein and Robot Monster. Several dance numbers, goofy slapstick, women degraded and treated like dogs, and some laughable FX. Mediocre, but not garbage. Hindi with English subs [R0]

    Tales of the Unusual:(2000) Eclectic Japanese anthology film that is sort of a cross between Tales from the Darkside and Amazing Stories. Starting off with an superb, chilling horror yarn that is worth the price of admission alone, then shifting to comedy, paranoia thriller and finally romance. Subtitled in English. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man: (1988) [R1]

    Three Extremes: [R1]

    Tomie: [R1]

    The Untold Story: (1992) [R1]

    The Untold Story 2: (1998) Sleazy follow-up to the classic Hong Kong Category III stomach-churner that dropped the jaws of jaded videophiles around the world. Anthony Wong returns, this time as a cop who notices some strange stuff at his favorite local eatery. A bitchy, but beautiful wife of the restaurant owner invites her weird, but attractive, cousin to come over from the mainland, as all of her relatives are dead. The cousin, as it turns out is a certified whack-job who becomes obsessed with the husband. So obsessed she decides to start killing people who get in the way and serving them up in the restaurant. Lots of nudity on display (the wife is a nympho who throws off her clothes at the drop of a skewer and the husband enjoys peeping in on the cousin while she’s in the shower) and plenty of blood is splashed about. [R0]

    Uzumaki aka Vortex, Spiral: (2000) Strange, stylish Japanese horror film about a bizarre curse that comes over a small town. A high-school girl starts noticing some weird obsessive behavior by the people in her town. One by one they become obsessed with spiral patterns that drive them mad and eventually mutate their bodies in sickening ways (several are mutated into giant snails) or outright kill them (one guy's mangled body is wrapped around the tire of a car). Based on a popular Japanese manga, this is very much a stylized comic-book film with top-notch FX and a seriously strange storyline. Widescreen in Japanese with English subtitles. [R3]

    Versus: (2000) When a zombie is split in half from head to toe showering the camera with blood before the opening credits have finished, you know you are in for a wild ride. This hyper kinetic and gore-splattered live action anime from Japan is sort of a cross between Fudoh and The Evil Dead and loaded with a non-stop barrage of graphic gore, marital arts, zombies, blood-drenched John Woo-style shoot-outs, violent sword-play and did I mention the gore factor? Decapitations abound, hearts are ripped-out, brains are punched out, massive see-through holes are blown straight through torsos and more! The plot has something to do with an eternal battle between good and evil that takes place over one of Earth's gateways to hell. Widescreen in Japanese with English subtitles. [R0 bootleg from R2 source]

    Visitor Q: (2000) Sick, nasty and very freakin' weird film by Takashi Miike about the ultimate dysfunctional family and a strange visitor who changes it all just by hitting people in the head with large rocks. The son beats his heroin-addicted, trick-turnin' mother because he is beat up at school, while his father pays his daughter for a quick fuck while moaning about it being wrong - because he's screwing her on company time! They are besieged by high-school bullies on a nightly basis, who shoot fireworks into the house while the father tapes the whole thing to sell to a TV network. Loaded with disturbing and sometime gut-churning stuff including murder, rape, necrophilia and a gross-out scene in which the mother lactates all over the kitchen while standing in two inches of milk and vaginal juices. Not for the squeamish - but a must for Takashi Miike fans. In Japanese with English subtitles. [R1]

    A Wicked Ghost: (1999) Cashing in on the success of "The Ring", this HK flick tries to carry a plotline and characters that are blatantly "inspired" by that movie yet aren't even in the same league as Ring. A group of kids hold a sťance to contact the dead and are eventually picked off one at a time by an unknown force. Plot unfolds similar to Ring (vengeance-killing via ghost) and the phantom could not possibly more of a copy of that in Ring. However, it does try to shy away from and mostly avoids (most... not all) the goofy comedy that's in HK horror films. Not too bad, but not great either. In widescreen with English subtitles. [R0]

    A Wicked Ghost 2: The Fear: (2000) [R0]

    A Wicked Ghost 3: The Possession: (2002) [R0]

    Wild Zero: (2000) A super powered Japanese punk rock band with a 1950's motif named Guitar Wolf meet up with a fanboy, an irate bar owner, an arms dealer, and a transsexual (amongst others) in a town taken over by zombies that were spawned from a UFO invasion. Yeah, it is that insane. Although I didn't think it was nearly as great as some sites have praised it, it's definitely worth checking out just to see how fucked up the plot can get. Very nice CGI on the zombie headshots. [R1]

    Yokai Monsters: 100 Monsters: [R1]

    Yokai Monsters: Along with Ghosts: [R1]

    Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare: [R1]