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Animation, cartoons on DVD

    Bambi Meets Godzilla and other Weird Cartoons: Runs 30 minutes and contains several animated shorts including "You Auto Lay an Egg", "The Cobweb Hotel", Betty Boop's "Crazy Town", and others. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Banned Cartoons:  A collection of banned and uncensored MGM, Warner Brothers, and Disney cartoons, in varying quality. Includes several from the "Censored 11" list, and others that are unedited with violence or blackface gags intact.

    Banned Cartoons Uncensored Vol 1: A collection of 11 uncut cartoons (compiled by yours truly) that have been either censored or outright banned for various reasons. Most are either WWII propaganda pieces, have blackface gags, or have scenes of violence or sexual behavior that just aren't PC enough for the kiddies of today. DVD-style menus and a biography of each toon is included. Toons are from various studios, including Warner Bros, Disney, Hanna Barbara, etc. Toons are: Which is witch?, Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips, Herr Meets Hare, Henpecked Hoboes, Confederate Honey, Winston Flintstones Cigarette Ad, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs, All This and Rabbit Stew, Seein' Red White & Blue, The Ducktators, and Aviation Vacation. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

   Banned Cartoons Uncensored Vol 2:[VCD FORMAT ONLY]

   Battle Angel Vol 1-2: Japanese with English subtitled

   Beast City: [R1]

   Cartoon Crazys: Volume 1: [R0]

   Cartoon Crazys: Banned & Censored: Collection of several uncut or banned cartoons. Most have either blackface and other racial gags or sexual undertones. All public domain prints of varying quality. [R0]

   Cartoon Crazys Goes to War: Contains several cartoons used as propaganda pieces during WWII. All public domain prints. [R0]

   Cartoon Explosion Vol 1 & 2: A 2 DVD set of several dozen public domain cartoons, several of which contain uncut versions. [R0] 

    The Censored 11: While it only contains 10 of them, this is a collection of the banned forever "Censored 11" toons which were agreed on by studios to never be broadcast or sold again. Mostly contains lots of blackface gags and native jokes, apparently too politically incorrect for our times. Quality varies, but some great stuff. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    City of Rott: [R1]

    Cutey Honey: Volume 1 & 2
: (1994) [R1, 2 DVD's]

    Devil Hunter Yohoko: In Japanese with English subtitles. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Devilman: English dubbed, 2 episodes. [R1]

    Dino Riders: Very first episode of the series, lasts 30 minutes but also includes Tyco commercials.

Doomed Megopolis: [R1, 2 DVD's]

Dragon Pink: Volume 1-3: Subtitled in English. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Fatal Fury 2: A New Beginning: Dubbed in English, taken from my VHS. [VHS source]

    F3: Volume 2: Japanese hentai about a group of lesbians who try to win a girl over from her boyfriend. In Japanese with English subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    GI Joe: Revenge of the Pharaohs: 30 mins

    A Gumby Celebration: 10 Gumby episodes, lasts 1 hour. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Gumby for President: 10 Gumby episodes, lasts 1 hour. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    A Gumby Christmas: [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Guy: Double Target: (1990,1992) [R1]

    Haitoku No Shoujyo: Japanese with English subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Ichi the Killer: Episode 0: (2002) [R1]

Johnny Legend Presents: Weird Cartoons: [R0]

    Karakuri Book 1 & 2: In Japanese with English subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Macross: Clash of the Bioniods: [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Mija: subtitled [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Ninja Scroll: (1995) [R1]

Rancou Chokyo: Subtitled, taken from a VHS

Rex the Runt: Seasons 1-2: British claymation from the creator of Wallace and Grommit. Offbeat oddball type of humor, but has some funny stuff in it. [2 DVD's, R1]

    Robot Carnival: (1987) This is the English dubbed, TV edited version taken from an old VHS tape of mine complete with commercials from '94.

    Seth Macfarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy: A collection of uncensored cartoon shorts from the creator of American Dad and Family Guy. Highly offensive and hilarious. [R1]

    Shorts Vol. 3: Episodes: Collection of various specials and compilation shows, features Tales From The Farside, Junky's Xmas (William S. Burroughs), Cartoon Sushi 101, Cartoon Sushi 102, Mad Magazine Unaired Special, New Kids On The Block Cartoon "In Step & Outta Time) and Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special.

    Song of the South: [LD source]

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast Vol 1: Includes selection menu, contains the following episodes: Piledriver, Terminal, Intense Patriotism, Girl Hair, Kentucky Nightmare, & Baffler Meal. The Baffler Meal episode is the first appearance of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast Vol 2: Includes selection menu, contains the following episodes: Glen Campbell, Pavement, Curses, Snatch, Fire Ant, & Knifin' Around. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast Vol 3: Includes selection menu, contains the following episodes: Booboo Kitty, Telethon, Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite, Cahill, Warren, Rio Ghosto. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie: This is the Japanese language version, with English subtitles, and as far as I know uncut with the Chun Li tit shot still intact.  [R1]

    Tex Avery: The Complete MGM Collection: Full collection of Tex's MGM toons, with a (complete?) collection of shorts he made for other studios. Quality varies but is mostly, good, and is completely uncensored with the exception of one toon. [6 DVD's]

    Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection: Uncut and remastered, the complete Droopy collection [2 DVD's]

    Transformers: The Movie: Full frame and fully uncut version. This is the Chinese release, but it's fully in English. [R0 bootleg]

    TV Funhouse SNL shorts collection: The nearly complete (80+) collection of shorts originally shown on SNL. Quality ranges from good to excellent. Includes Ambiguously Gay Duo, Fun with Real Audio, ect.

    TV Funhouse: The Complete Series: Complete 8 episode run of this fucked up show that originally appeared on Comedy Central. Hilariously done comedy shorts, combining live action, animation, claymation, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

    Twin Dolls Vol 1: Somewhat reminded me of Urotsukidoji, this anime is about a set of twin sisters trained in martial arts who must stop a group of well endowed demons from taking over the human world and raping all the women. In Japanese with English subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend Vol 1-3 aka The Wandering Kid: (1989) Extremely graphic anime about a group of demons crossing over into the human realm to enslave mankind. Lots of demon rape, tentacle penetration, and other family oriented material. Insane, to say the least. In Japanese with English subtitles. English subs, taken from the LD.

    Urotsukidoji II: Legend of the Demon Womb aka The Wandering Kid Volume 4-5: (1993) Somewhat connected to the first series, this one starts out in WWII Germany with a mad scientist operating a rape machine. Yes, I said that right. More demon raping and tastelessness as exhibited in the first set. In Japanese with English subtitles. English subs, some digital blurring on this one AFAIK, taken from the LD.