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Exploitation & Mondo Movies on DVD-R

    Amazon Jail: (1982 [R1]

    Bacchanales Sexuelles
aka Fly me the French Way: So a lesbian house-sitting for a relative invites her girlfriend over, who gets kidnapped by a strange sex cult that's trying to locate some film with incriminating pics on it. Softcore venue with an absurd, thinly veiled plot that may appeal to those into retro-softcore or the artsy type. While I enjoyed the copious amount of bush and skin, it wasn't enough to keep my finger off the fast-forward button. [R1]

    Bare Behind Bars:

    Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69: [R1]

    Caligula - The Untold Story: Taken from my ultra shit quality VHS.

Cut & Run: [R1]

    The Cut-Throats aka Cut-Throat Kommandoss, SS Cutthroats, She Devils of the SS: (1969)

    Cyclone aka Terror Storm: (1978) An airplane full of people that crashes during a storm meet up with the survivors of a sinking boat that are drifting in a lifeboat. It's not long before hunger starts setting in, and this in turn sets off arguments between the survivors as they realize that they have to eat...something. However, their hunger isn't the only thing they are under threat from, as there's sharks in the vicinity too. It's trashy disaster/survival flick that ended up being a lot more fun than I thought it would. [R1]

    Daughter of Darkness: (1993) What other movie can have a scene dealing with incestual rape, violent homicide, and slapstick comedy? Nice little Category III entry starring Anthony Wong as a bumbling police detective investigating a murder case where a woman freaks out and kills her whole family. This is, of course, after her father rapes her, her mother ignores her, and her siblings abuse her. Chinese with English subs. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Daughter of Darkness 2: (1994) Another entry in this series that runs very similar to the first. A woman and her impotent husband meet a man willing to impregnate her, but then she is kidnapped, raped and infected with syphilis which kills her unborn child. Harsh revenge and bloodshed follows. In Chinese with English subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Deadbeat at Dawn: (1988) Directed, written and created by film student Jim Van Bebber, this grim, dirty revenge flick rises above it's shoestring budget and amateur actors to produce a nice bit of gritty exploitation that, to me, almost makes it seem like a bigger budgeted late 70's gritty action flick. Goose is the leader of a gang who's ready to quit the life and settle with his girlfriend. Other gang members don't find this acceptable, and end up killing Goose's girlfriend. Goose then turns all Double Dragon and starts busting heads. [R1]

    Death Scenes: Manson aka Death Scenes 2: (1992) This is a pretty sick death video. All modern era heinous death includes the Bud Dwyer press-conference suicide, the Twilight Zone accident (in graphic detail), the Manson murders and lots more. Quality is taken straight from the VHS original, why it was retitled I have no idea. [R1]

    Death Scenes: Volume 2 aka Death Scenes 3: (1993) Originally released on VHS as Death Scenes 3, another installment in the severely warped series with more brutal, gut-churning, in-your-face, real death. Includes an up-close and personal autopsy segment that's guaranteed to make you retch. [R1]

    Death Scenes: Volume 3: Los Angeles aka Death Scenes: (1991) Originally released on VHS as Death Scenes 1, this
disgusting shockumentary hosted by Anton LeVay with lots of real death from the '20s and '30s. Shotguns, axes and anything else humans can wield were used for these murders. Includes some celebs of the era. First in a trilogy of the rudest death tapes ever. [R1]

    Deported Women of the SS Special Section
: (1976) [R0]

    Devil Hunter: [R1]

    Elsa Fraulein SS: (1977) [R1]

    Emanuelle In America: Hardcore, uncut version. [R1]

    Escape from Women's Prison: (1978) [R0]
Faces of Death: (1978) [R1]

    Faces of Death II: (1981) Less faked footage, more preachy narration, and some brutal animal cruelty in this sequel to the shockumentary we all grew up with. Also includes "The Worst of Faces of Death", an official compilation video of Faces 1-3 hosted by the "Dr. Louis Flellis"  character from part IV, who is playing an entirely different role [R1]

    Faces of Death III:(1985) [R1]

    Faces of Death IV: [R1]

    Faces of Torture: (1988) I'll let an IMDB user sum this up, since I have nothing to add..."It was like a history channel show produced by paranoid schizophrenics. It consists of grainy black and white stock footage of old disasters and other decrepit stuff with rambling commentary by some deranged hick." If Youtube was around in '88, this video would have been it's first upload. Fucking insane, poorly created shit. [VHS source]

    Facez of Death 2000: [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Facez of Death 2000 Part 3: [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Facez of Death 2000: Dead in Asia: [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Fantom Killer: (1998) Honestly, this is as close to porn as you can get but still hold the title of "erotic horror". Hell, it even has the budget of a porn flick. First a little backstory: this was shot in England, dubbed into Russian, then given English subtitles. If there was ever a movie that's just a vehicle to see tits and pussy, this is it. Best comment I read about it, "The money I paid to see this movie probably cost more than what it cost to make it, so I guess I'm the sucker." Worth watching if you enjoy shitty movies and semi-pornography, but gorehounds need not apply. [R0]

    Fantom Killer 2: Another trashy installment as the masked man is back and is hacking up even more beautiful women! One woman gets a big blade to the crotch while another one is tied to the hood of a car and gets fried by having jumper cables placed on her nipples! Sleazy stuff with plenty of cheap gore. English subtitled [R0]

    Fight for Your Life: (197?)  [R1]

    Forced Entry: Taken from my shit quality VHS tape.

    Gestapo's Last Orgy aka Caligula Reincarnated As Hitler: (1976) Uncut print of this notorious, artsy Euro-trash flick that was one of dozens to rip-off Tinto Brass' Salon Kitty. With lots of full frontal nudity, wicked tortures and some seriously disgusting antics (fetal stew, castration, etc). Do I really need to outline the plot? Nice 16:9 print, not the crappy unlicensed print. [R1]

    Helga: She Wolf of Spilberg aka Helga: la louve de Stilberg: (1977)

    Hell Train: [R0]

    Her Vengeance: (1988) Down beat, well made HK knock-off of I Spit on Your Grave, about a girl who is raped by the same gang of thugs that killed her father and her blind sister (and gave her VD), and now it's time for revenge with the help of her sister's former lover who is missing his legs, but kicks majors ass even though he's wheelchair bound. Very grim with a bloody, with an exciting climax in a booby-trapped night club. Shing Fui-On stars as one of the rapists. In Chinese with English subtitles, 16:9 widescreen. [? PAL source]

    I Spit on Your Grave: (1978) Meir Zarchi's brutal revenge opus about a female author who goes to stay in a lake house for the summer in a small town. After she gets there she is raped brutally & repeatedly by a group of men and then lives to extract revenge on each of them. If you are thin skinned, this isn't the movie to watch. [R1]

    Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks: [R1]

    Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS: [R1]

    Ilsa: The Tigress of Siberia: Unreleased on DVD in the US, this is apparently taken from the PAL DVD. 16:9 widescreen print with theatrical trailer included. [R0]

    Ilsa: The Wicked Warden: [R1]

    The Island of Perversion aka Island of Death, Devils in Mykonos, Killing Daylight: (1975) Exploitative schlock that covers all the bases on shock factor. A sexually perverted man and woman vacation on an island in Greece and proceed to cut up those that they deem abnormal  (the man is God's avenging angel, after all). Victims include adulterers, whores, gays, lesbians, and whoever else comes along that they can exploit before killing them. Hey, even the local goat isn't safe from being raped and murdered. Tasteless on all accounts with an ending that leaves you scratching your head. Taken from my crappy VHS tape.

     Macumba Sexual: [R1]

    Mad Foxes aka Los Violadores, Stingray 2, The Bikers And The Disco Kid: (1981) Mind boggling, super-violent, and downright insane trash from Europe that cannot be denied. Corvette driving playboy Hal pisses off a gang of dirt bike riding Nazis who respond by molesting his virgin date (we know she's a virgin because one biker sticks his finger up her, pulls it out covered with blood, and rubs her face with it before fucking her!) so Hal counters by siccing his kickboxing buddies on them. Not only do the karatekas kick biker butt, they cut off the leader's dick and feed it to him! Not to be outdone, the remaining bikers show up at the dojo and wipe everybody out with machine guns and hand grenades! Then they follow Hal to his parents' country estate and shoot and stab mom and pop and all the servants too! Now Hal's really pissed and many bikers taste flaming lead before the unbelievable surprise ending Beautiful 16:9 English dubbed print, or original Spanish language track (but with no subs). [R2 PAL]

    Mondo Bizzaro: [R1]

    Mondo New York: [VHS source]

    The Night Porter: [R1]

    Porno Holocaust: [R1]

    Red Nights of the Gestapo: [R1]

    Sadomania: [R1]

    Salo: The 120 Days of Sodom: (1975) Ok, hands down, one of the most depraved and sickening movie I've ever seen. It's supposed to have some sort of artsy-fartsy anti-fascist political message, but it ends up being the most disgusting thing you'll ever watch. A group of men and women are captured and forced to be slaves to a group of ruthless and perverted Italian politicians. Non-stop nudity, rape, torture, and enough shit eating to last you the rest of your life. Criterion collection, widescreen in Italian with English subtitles. You have been warned. [R0 bootleg]

    Salon Kitty: (1976) [R1]

    School of the Holy Beast aka Convent of the Sacred Beast: (1974) An amazingly beautiful Japanese nunsploitation flick that is probably more exploitation than horror, liberally peppered with an astonishing level of violence and bloodspray. A Japanese youth goes undercover in a convent to find out what happened to her mother many years ago. Turns out that the nuns are sexually-repressed deviants who are driven to self-flagellate (topless, before the other nuns) for having impure thoughts. And if they don't police themselves, no worries, because the other nuns have no problem punishing one of their own for any sin. Most of their sins, by the way, are sexual. One of my favorite scenes involved forcing a nun to drink gallons of water then setting a picture of Jesus underneath, then daring her to piss on it. [R1]

    Sex Hell: True Story of a Woman in Jail aka True Story of a Woman Condemned: (1975) Japanese A new fish who won’t cooperate getting held down, pissed on and having her pubes pulled out for good measure, an escape attempt that revolves around a key hidden inside a bloody tampon and a jealous lesbian con kicking her philandering lover in the stomach causing her to have a messy miscarriage are just a handful of the treats on diplay here. Japanese language, English subtitled, letterbox. Looks to be taken from a fair quality VHS

    Scrapbook: [R1]

    SS Camp Women's Hell aka SS Camp 5: [R1]

    SS Experiment aka SS Experiment Love Camp: Nice 16:9 uncut print, not taken from the crappy unlicensed DVD. [R1]

    SS Extermination Love Camp aka Women's Camp 119: From a slightly shit VHS tape, letterboxed but not OAR, English dubbed with Dutch subtitles.

    SS Girls aka Private House of the SS: (1977) [R1]

    SS Hell Camp: (1977) [R1]

    Thriller: A Cruel Picture aka They Call Her One-Eye: (1974) Rare, uncut, X-rated version of this notorious female revenge outing under it's original title When a mute teenage girl runs away from home she gets wined and dined by a slick sleazeball who gets her hooked on smack and has her whore for him. At first she won't do it and gets her eye mutilated in graphic detail by the pimp. After that she turns the tricks and is a good girl while on the sly she learns how to kill and sets out for bloody revenge. This version contains hard-core sex scenes missing from the English language release and is the first Swedish film to be banned in it's home country. In Swedish with English subs [R1]

    Traces of Death: (1993) First entry in the series, while not as heavy as the following sequels, still holds its own. Notable things; the most extensive Bud Dawyer footage I've ever seen, and a male-to-female sex change. My crappy VHS source, so be warned

    Traces of Death II: (1994) Ten times nastier than any other mondo film, this baby is the king. Highlights include a female to male sex change that has to be one of the nastiest, fucked up things I've ever seen in my life. Great death metal soundtrack to boot. Taken from a VHS source so the quality is meh.

    Traces of Death III: (1995) Taken from VHS

    Traces of Death IV: Resurrected: (1996) Another nasty entry in this mondo series, while not as vile as the first 3 it's still sick as hell. Includes some disgusting genital piercing, nasty 60's car wrecks, and the most disgusting collection of birth deformities I've ever seen in my life. Death metal soundtrack courtesy of Nuclear Blast bands like Therion, Gorefest, Monstrosity, etc. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Traces of Death V: Back in Action: (2000) [R0]

    Traces of Death Special: Tamest of the series, hardly anything like the previous entries. First half of the film deals with tattoo/piercing enthusiasts, second half is a montage of Asian death footage that was mostly featured in other Traces videos. In English w/Chinese subs [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Violence in a Women's Prison aka Caged Women: (1982) Director Bruno Mattei's WIP entry sometimes billed under the "Black Emanuelle" series. Laura Gemser plays a reporter who is going under cover to investigate reports of brutality and abuse of the inmates in a women's prison. She is exposed to beatings, forced sexual encounters, being chewed on by rats, and other  formulaic WIP tortures.The film has plenty of nudity and a bit of violence, but there is not quite enough gore and exploitive goings-on to suit my jaded tastes. I'm pretty sure this is the most complete version, taken from the US DVD release. [R1]

    Women Behind Bars: (1975) [R1]

    Women of the SS Special Section: [R0]

  Women in Fury: (1985) [R1]

    Women's Prison Massacre: (1983) [R1]