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Horror, gore, splatter, and other filth on DVD

    Aenigma: (1987) Somewhat obscure Lucio Fulci revenge entry about an unliked college girl who is ridiculed by her fellow students. When a practical joke goes bad and puts her in the hospital, a new student enrolls at the college and mysterious accidents begin to happen. Not a lot of FX but tons of atmosphere. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Aftermath(1996) Ultra-nasty Spanish rotgut about a coroner who has way too much affection for his work. While dissecting the latest fresh stiff, he decides to get up-close and personal with it creating a Kodak moment like youíve never seen. Graphic and realistic vivisection, necrophilia and amazing production values; this stomach-churner is as slick and stylish as it is rude and disturbing and thatís saying plenty. Consider yourself warned. Includes the complete film with extras + bonus film. [R1]     

    Army of Darkness composite print:  Quality ranges from good to crappy on this one, its a composite print with all the footage of the import version of AoD spliced into the US version. You get all the changed dialog and clipped scenes along with the original ending. Taken from my crappy VHS.

    Anthropophagus: aka Savage Island, The Grim Reaper: A group of vacationing people visit a small Greek island to find that everyone on it has either dissapeared or been killed. They're only link to unravelling the mystery is a blind girl who has managed to survive by hiding from the murderer after her parents were killed. Not much of a storyline, but this is the uncut version complete with the fetus eating & self evisceration scene. Gets a little more hype that what I thought it deserved, but it's worth watching at least once. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Below: [R1]

    The Beyond aka 7 Doors of Death: (1981) [R1]

    Beyond the Wall of Sleep: [R1]

    Bloody Moon: [R1]


    Bride of the Reanimator: English with foreign subs [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Broken: [R1]

    Brotherhood of the Wolf: A surprisingly entertaining French romp about a French biologist and an Indian investigating a series of brutal murders caused by a monster. Sports some great creature FX and entertaining fight scenes, one of the better movies I've seen in a while. This is the extended French-Canadian version with a few minutes more footage [R1]

    The Burning Moon: In German with English subtitles, this shot-on-video splatterfest has enough over the top gore for even the most bloodthirsty viewer. Played out as a series of bedtime stories told by a heroin addict to his kid sister, it doesn't fail to entertain. Taken from a crappy VHS source so the quality isn't too hot.

    Cabin Fever composite cut: Absolutely wonderful recut of the film in non-anamorphic widescreen, composite version with workprint scenes inserted in where they should go along with a subtitle track that is a workprint guide to what all was cut/restored. Truly top notch fan created stuff.

    The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari: (1919) Restored Image Entertainment version [R0]

    The Call of Cthulhu: [R1]

    Campfire Stories: [R?]

    Cannibal Ferox aka Make Them Die Slowly: (1981) One of the better known cannibal movies, this one should definitely be a staple in anyone's collection. Guess we can all thank director Umberto Lenzi for blessing us with nightmares of severed penises. Nice release from Grindhouse, includes trailers and commentary. [R0]

    Cannibal Holocaust:(1979) Uncut, uncensored, widescreen version of Ruggero Deodato's classic jungle gutmuncher about a group of documentary film makers who venture into the jungle in search of head-hunters, and find 'em. A quintessential entry in the cannibal subgenre of the '70s. Gory, violent and meaner than hell!

    Carnival of Souls / Horror Hotel: (1962, 1960) [R0] 

    Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
: [R0]

    Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town: [R1]

    City of the Living Dead aka The Gates of Hell: (1980) Another classic Lucio Fulci gorefest that lies thin on the plot but thick on the gore. When a priest hangs himself in the small town of Dunwich, a portal to the gates of Hell is opened, allowing the dead to walk the earth. Plus, any movie that has a dope smoking retard getting a drill through his head is worth the price of admission alone. If you enjoy Italian gore (or horror in general) from this time period, you'll love this. The DVD presentation is great, with a wonderful picture quality and nice 5.1 surround sound. [R1]

    Cockhammer: [R1]

    Combat Shock: [R1]

    Contamination aka Alien Contamination, Toxic Spawn : (1982) Awesome uncut, letterboxed print of this classic Luigi Cozzi splatterfest about an alien being that lives in a Colombian coffee plantation and has it's eggs shipped world wide with the coffee to take over the Earth. Exploding bodies, bloody shootings and a slurping, vaginal, one-eyed alien thing that controls people's minds and lays eggs that erupt and cause people to explode. Great print of one of my favorite Italian low-renters. [R1]

Cradle of Fear: [R1]

    The Crazies: [R1]

    Creepshow: uncut workprint: [VHS source]

    Dagon: (2001) Stuart Gordon's retelling of HP Lovecraft's story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth". Excellent horror movie about a group of vacationers that shipwreck and land in a Spanish town who's inhabitants have interbred with a strange group of sea creatures. Probably the best adaptation of any Lovecraft story I've seen. [R1]

    Day of the Dead: (1985) 2 versions available. One is the regular widescreen version taken from the R0 PAL DVD, it contains 30 minute or so bonus feature not found on the R1 2 disk special edition. The other version is taken from the recalled Japanese laserdisc, it's complete in the running time but every curse word has been removed and replaced with something less offensive. This one also has 2 trailers not found on the R1 special edition.

    Dead Moon Rising: [R1]

The Dead Next Door: [R0]

Deathwatch: (2002) Very creepy, atmospheric and gritty story set in WWI. Several British soldiers overtake a trench once occupied a few haggard Germans, but now have to contend with the forces of an unknown evil and the insanity in-between themselves. [R3]

    Death Machine: [Screener] [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Don't Go Into the Woods: [R1]

    The Driller Killer: [R1]

    Eaten Alive aka Eaten Alive by the Cannibals, The Emerald Jungle: (1980) Umberto Lenzi’s second cannibal corker starring Janet Agren as a big city girl who heads out to the jungles of New Guinea to find her sister. Once in the jungle she stumbles across bloodthirsty cannibal natives and Ivan Rassamov as a megalomaniac who has made himself a lord of the jungle and holds Agren’s sister under his spell. Nasty, brutal and gory this is one of the best of the Italian cannibal subgenre. [R0]

    Erotic Nights of the Living Dead: Widescreen, Italian language with no subtitles [VHS source]

Experiments in Terror: [R0]

    Fangoria Blood Drive: A collection of SOV fanfilms hosted by Rob Zombie, all selected by the staff of Fangoria. [R1]

Faust: Kino version [R0]

    Faust: [R1]

    Feast of Flesh: [R1]

    Frankenhooker: [R0]

    Freddy's Dead workprint: (1991) Quality is pretty much shit, but includes about 20 minutes of footage not found in any other cut! [VHS source]

    Friday the 13th uncut: This is the uncut version that has those precious few clips of gore that were cut out of the regular US release. In English with Japanese subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Friday the 13th: Part 4: Composite workprint: (1984) Regular footage taken from the 16:9 R1, with additional footage edited in. New footage is from a fairly good source, A+ editing job on the disk itself. [DVD/VHS source]

    The Ghost Galleon: [R1]

    God Told Me To: [R1]

The Golem: (1920) Restored Kino version. [R0]

    The Gore Gore Girls: [R1]

    The Gruesome Twosome: [R1]

Halloween: workprint (2007) [VHS source]

    Halloween 666: composite workprint:
Widescreen director's edition of this installment before it got cut all to hell and released to theaters. Follows a completely different storyline than the released version, and while not the greatest movie it makes a lot more sense than that garbage they ended up putting out.

Hell of the Living Dead aka Virus, Night of the Zombies: (1981) Bruno Mattei directs this blatant Dawn of the Dead ripoff that contains just enough absurdity and charm to make it worthwhile. Featuring a ton of stock footage and a soundtrack literally stolen from Dawn of the Dead, a chemical plant in New Guinea springs a leak and the causes a zombie outbreak as our special ops team investigates the problem. Soon they meet up with a news team and the entire country becomes overrun with zombies. But hey, it's got some great violence and gore, a completely fucked up guy as a swat member, and some graphic kid-zombie death that even Romero shied away from. [R1]

    Hellraiser III workprint: Differs somewhat from the theatrical version although I'm not 100% sure of all the changes. Timestamped with saturated colors but completely watchable. [VHS source]

Horrors of War: [R1]

House by the Cemetery: [R1]

    House of 1000 Corpses workprint: (2003) Depending on your disposition, either the a breath of fresh air in the horror genre or an overhyped piece of shit, this directorial debut of Rob Zombie tries to capture the look and feel of 70's exploitation horror flicks. Widescreen, timestamped, no credits. Not sure exactly what cut version this is. Has a few slight differences between the final version, including some audio changes and visual effects.

    House of the Dead: (2003) Abysmal zombie slop that has zero to do with the Sega video game it's based on. Kindergarten dialogue, plot holes you could drive a car through, insipid scripting and poor FX. Watch it for your own masochistic needs, only extremely hardcore B movie fans need apply. Taken from a DVD screener. [R0 bootleg]

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Alpha Video version. [R0]

     I'll Bury You Tomorrow: [R0]

    The Island of Perversion aka Island of Death: (1975) Exploitative schlock that covers all the bases on shock factor. A sexually perverted man and woman vacation on an island in Greece and proceed to cut up those that they deem abnormal  (the man is God's avenging angel, after all). Victims include adulterers, whores, gays, lesbians, and whoever else comes along that they can exploit before killing them. Hey, even the local goat isn't safe from being raped and murdered. Tasteless on all accounts with an ending that leaves you scratching your head. Taken from my really crappy VHS copy.

   Jason Goes To Hell composite workprint: (1993) Fully uncut composite print of the ninth, and supposedly final, installment in the series. Runs a bit like The Hidden, but it's definitely one of the better sequels. This version has all of the gore, dialogue, monsters (including the hellspawn!), fights and miscellaneous scenes that are missing from both the R and Unrated "director's cut" videos. Varies between fair to dog shit quality. Also includes pre-production visual FX shots and some misc footage after the credits.

    The Keep: Widescreen, includes trailer [VHS source]

    Killer Fish:

    Killer Party: Unreleased on DVD

    Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3: uncut workprint: (1989) Rough cut of the director's cut of TCM 3, with all of the gore that was cut from the R-rated theatrical release, a few alternate scenes (Ken Foree bites it), and the original ending. This version contains additional footage missing from the recent so-called "uncut" re-issue. No music or credits.

    Maniac: [R1]

    Maniac Cop 2: Unreleased in the US. [? source]

Masters of Horror: Imprint: Insane entry of a murderous tale directed by Takishi Miike. An American in pursuit of his Japanese geisha lands in a brothel and is recounted the tale of what happened to his lost love. Typical Miike shock-twist ending and some brutal shots that had this episode taken off TV circulation for a while. [R1]

    Meat Market 2: [R1]

    Necro Files: (1997) Shot-on-video garbage doesn't get much better than this. Real life honest-to-God Satan worshippers bring back a dead deranged rapist, only to have him go out of control and continue to kill and rape (with his 3 foot zombie dick). The world's only hope are 2 cops in a Ford Tempo who couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. The total budget couldn't have been over 20$ and I've seen better acting in a kindergarten play. Priceless shit, watch it or die. [? source]

    Necromantik: English subtitled, widescreen [R1]

    New York Ripper: Lucio Fulci's slasher/crime thriller about a maniac with a voice like Donald Duck butchering young women in New York. Very campy dialog, brutal slayings, and a funky 70's style soundtrack just binds the package together into a flick that's horrible but you can't help but enjoy it. Death by bottle-shoved-up-vagina is always a winner. [R1]

    Night of the Bloody Apes: [R1]

    Night of the Dead: [R1]

    Night of the Living Dead uncut workprint: (1990) This is the unrated workprint of Tom Savini's retelling of Romero's classic zombie film. Contains an alternate soundtrack and all the violence that was cut in order for the film to receive an R rating. Pan & scan or open matte? Not sure.

    Night of the Seagulls: [R1]

    Oasis of the Zombies: (1983) Jess Franco's ultra slow, ultra cheese Nazi zombie entry that just didn't hold my interest. A group journeys out into the desert to find a hidden treasure trove, only to find that it's guarded by the soldiers that died protecting it during WWII. No gore and little nudity, strangely enough. Some like it for artsy-fartsy reasons, so you might want to check it out. [R1]

    The Phantom of the Opera: Restored, Image Ent. version. [R0]

(1983) Cool n' campy chainsaw gorefest stars Christopher George and Paul L. Smith and if that wasn't cool enough, director Jaun Piquer Simon packs in graphic chainsaw gore and plenty of T&A! When a young boy is beaten by his mother for putting together a nudie jigsaw puzzle, he snaps and chops her into bits with an axe! Years later that same traumatized horn-dog gussied-up in a Bava-black outfit starts taking a chainsaw to the local college students. Great stuff. [R1]

    Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone: [R1]

    Prison: [VHS source]

The Prowler aka Rosemary's Killer, The Graduation: (1981) Joe Zito's gory slasher classic with superb, gristly FX work by Tom Savini . When a WWII vet returns home to find his woman has dumped him for someone else in his absence, he decides a blood-drenched death by pitchfork is called for. 20 years later on the anniversary of the killing, our fatigue clad stalker is back on the prowl massacring the current graduating class. Super gory FX including a bayonet through the top of the head and out the jaw and a shotgun decapitation that rivals Dawn of the Dead are the highlights here. [R1]

    Redneck Zombies: [R1]

    Requiem for a Vampire: [R0]

    Return of the Evil Dead aka Return of the Blind Dead: [R1]

    Return of the Living Dead workprint: (1985) Uncut work print of this great tongue-in-cheek horror film written and directed by Dan O'Bannon. This version contains lots of extra bits of dialogue and some deleted footage including a little extra gore and an end sequence that takes place after the ending in the release prints. No music and some alternate sound takes also. Quality isn't so great, but watchable.

    Rock N Roll Frankenstein: [R0]

    Scrapbook: (1999) [R0]

    Schramm: (1994) Latest grue from Jorg Buttgereit that's kind of a German Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, (except it's far more depraved and gory) about a loner who kills prostitutes and has bouts of delirium in which he fantasizes about fanged vaginal creatures. Has an amazing scene in which the main-man nails his pecker to a table! Weird, violent stuff. [R1]

    Season of the Witch: [R1]

Severed: Forest of the Dead: (2006) [R0]

    Shockwaves aka Death Corps:  (1977). A drunken captain of a small tour ship (John Carradine) runs aground on what seems to be an unpopulated island. The passengers (who include a young Brooke Adams) run afoul of an old Nazi (Peter Cushing) and his amphibious walking dead army. Exceptionally cool zombie make-up courtesy of Alan Ormsby help make this gem a highly enjoyable little cult item. [R1]

    Street Trash: (1987) Troma-esque vomit about a group of homeless bums and their adventures with a cheap liquor that causes people to melt and explode. Best part; the whacked out Vietnam vet bum cuts a guy's dick off and they all play hot potato with his severed schlong. Full frame version, has the release party footage as a bonus. [R0 PAL]

Three on a Meathook: (1972) Very loosely based on the story of real-life nutbar Ed Gein, this bit of drive-in trash tells the tale of a farmboy who lives with his drunken father and apparently has nasty episodes when chicks are around. He blacks out and slaughters them with anything handy. Plenty of cheesy gore, bad acting and gratuitous nudity are on display here. [VHS transfer]

    Terror at Blood Fart Lake: [R1]

    Tombs of the Blind Dead: [R1]

    Trick or Treat: (1986) Cheezy 80's cock-rock flick with cameos by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons, this story centers around a nerdy metalhead who is tortured by the jocks at his school. After his favorite devil-worshipping glam-rock singer Sammi Curr dies in a hotel fire, he is given a demo album that he plays backwards to communicate with the dead singer. Sammi extracts some revenge on the jocks, then sets his sights on killing the whole student body. [R1]

    Troma's War: A group of Tromaville citizens crash on an island that's a training camp for every terrorist group on the planet. In a comedic take on the 80's action flicks, the dysfunctional average Joe's of Tromaville decide to thwart the terrorists' plot to invade the US. Campy, stupid, but fun. [R1]

    Twitch of the Death Nerve: [R1]

    Uncle Sam: [R1]

    Vampires VS Zombies: (2004) This belongs in the top 5 worst movies of all time. I like shitty movies, and this is pure fucking garbage. How anyone can fuck up a concept like this, I'll never know... Anyway, there's this guy and his daughter driving around while a mysterious zombie plague breaks out, something to do with vampires happens, I can't even start to describe this mess. Watch it if you enjoyed Manos: Hands of Fate or masochism. Best quote I read about this movie: "I can't spoil the ending, because I have absolutely no idea what happened." [R1]

    White Zombie: (1932) [R0]

    Within the Woods: This is the original 8mm short film by Sam Raimi used to raise funds to make Evil Dead. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Zombie: Dawn of the Dead Red Edition: (1978) A composite print of every single version of Dawn, presented in matted widescreen format in German with NO English subtitles. Every tiny bit of footage is incorporated from all three cuts, giving it a hefty running time of 156 minutes. Also contains several German trailers for other horror films. [R2 PAL] 

    Zombie Cult Massacre: [R1]

    Zombie Death House: [R0]

    Zombie Genocide: [R0]

Zombie Holocaust: Dr. Butcher MD: (1979) [R1]

   Zombie Lake: [R1]

    Zombie Wars: