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Daikaiju and other Giant Monsters on DVD-R
(What few stuff that's left on VHS is slowly being transferred to DVD-R)

    All Monsters Attack!: A collection of over 100 trailers for giant monster movies. Lots of very rare and obscure stuff. [R1]

    A*P*E: [R1]

    Atragon: (1963) As the Japanese legend goes there was another continent between South America and Africa in the Pacific, called Mu (they weren't good with names, I guess), long ago it sunk into the sea a la Atlantis and was never heard from again. Now they are attempting to resurface and destroy the world's cities and dominate the planet. A long lost Japanese sub designer has been off on an island since the war and has developed a super-sub called Atragon and is called upon to do battle with Mu and it's killer sub. Fun stuff and since it's from Toho there's a giant monster thrown in for good measure. 16:9 widescreen Japanese with removable English subtitles + bonus stuff taken from the Jap R2. Also have the English AIP dub taken from a VHS tape, if that's your thing.

    Attack of the Super Monsters: (1982) [R1]

    Boa VS Python: (2004) When it hits TV before video, you know it's crap. This is the R rated version of this poorly done CGI romp that has no relation to any previous Boa or Python movie. When a giant Python escapes from a group of big game hunters into a sewer system, the only logical thing to do is outfit an equally huge Boa with a headset and camera and send it in after it. Redeemable only for a few nice gore & CGI shots. [R1]

    Daikaiju Baran aka Varan the Unbelievable: (1958) Letterboxed print of this classic Toho monster flick. A group of scientists looking for butterflies on a remote Japanese island stumble across and subsequently piss off the local mountain god. After it rampages through the local village destroying everything in sight, there's only one thing to do. Send in the military and kill it, of course! When will they learn? This only makes the daikaiju in question really, really angry. Widescreen in Japanese with English subtitles + extras. [R1]

    Daimajin Trilogy: (1966) Contains Daimajin, The Wrath of Daimajin, The Return of Daimajin, a trilogy of movies about a huge stone samurai statue who awakens and runs amok in feudal Japan. Great stuff, much cooler than it sounds. These are the anamorphic widescreen, English subtitled Japanese versions that also include extras. If you enjoy kaiju films or even Japanese samurai films you will enjoy these. [R2] 

    Destroy All Monsters: (1968) The final, ultimate version of this movie. 16:9 anamorphic widescreen video and extras taken straight from the Japanese R2, all extras from the Japanese R2, removable English subtitles added in, 2 English trailers, and also the incredibly rare AIP English dub as an alternate audio track. The dubbing is on this version is leagues better than the International English dubbing that's featured on the R1 DVD.

    Dinosaurus: [R1]

    Dogora: aka Space Monster Dagora: (1964) [R1]

    Frankenstein Conquers the World aka Frankenstein VS Baragon: (1965) Great, if somewhat cheeseball Toho reworking of the Frankenstein mythos. During WWII the German's were working on re-creating the Frankenstein experiments with the actual heart, but decided to pass it to the Japanese during the war's end. They try the experiments and it goes horribly wrong, mutating with the Hiroshima blasts to make a super Frankenstein monster, that eventually does battle with Baragon, to everyone's delight. 2 versions available: An anamorphic widescreen subtitled version with extras and original ending [Japanese R2], or English dubbed widescreen version from the R1 that has scenes not in the Japanese version.

    Gamera 60's box set: Contains Gamera, Gamera vs Baragon, Gamera vs Guiron, Gamera vs Jiger, Gamera: Super Monster, Gamera vs Virus, Gamera vs Gaos, & Gamera vs Zigra.  All except Gamera: Super Monster have English subs. I don't care too much for the 60's Gamera stuff so throw your own witty synopsis in here. I also have the 60's movies in their English dubbed, public domain glory from Alpha. [8 R2 source]

    Gamera: Defender of the Universe:(1995) Gamera's back and ready to face off against the Japanese military (who naturally don't believe that Gamera is trying to help 'em) and three incarnations of his old nemesis Gaos, who are lookin' bigger and meaner than ever. Top notch FX and plenty of cool monster mayhem. Awesome stuff. 16:9 widescreen in Japanese with English subs + bonus stuff. [R2]

    Gamera 2: The Advent of Legion: (1996) Awesome sequel to the spectacular ’95 reworking of the rather cheesy Gamera flicks. Shusuke Keneko returns to the director’s chair ensuring us jaw-dropping visuals and a nifty story line about a race of insect-like monsters from space who are attempting to turn Earth into one big hive. Seamless FX, awesome camerawork and great action sequences make this one a great flick. 16:9 widescreen in Japanese with English subs + bonus goodies. [R2]

    Gamera 3: The Incomplete Struggle:(1999) Once again directed by Shusuke Keneko, this is a dark entry in the series  with Gamera being a force of nature, that while technically "good" leaves death and destruction in his wake. This time the Gayos return and a mutant Gayos forms from the hatred of a girl who's parents were inadvertently killed by Gamera in the first movie. This film blows away all other Japanese monster films to date with some of the most amazing FX and incredible set-pieces of any giant monster movie. 16:9 widescreen, in Japanese with English subtitles + bonus stuff. [R2]

    Gamera: Premium Disks 1 & 2: 2 DVDs of extras; trailers, interviews, behind the scenes, etc. All in Japanese with no subtitles. [R2]

    Gamera VS Monster X aka Gamera VS Jiger: Spectacular composite print taken from the Japanese R2, this has either the Japanese audio with English subs or the rare AIP English TV dub called "Gamera VS Monster X". Includes reworked menus and the original AIP titles as an extra. 

    Gamera the Brave: [R1]

    Ghidrah: The Three Headed Monster aka Three Giant Monsters: The Earth's Greatest Decisive Battle: (1964) Two versions available, either English dubbed version from the R1 or a  version from Japanese R2, subtitled, multiple audio tracks and extras. [R2]

    The Giant Behemoth: [R1]

    Godzilla Rarities: A collection of trailers, unused scenes, and making of segments of several G flicks. In Japanese with no subs. Even includes the unused Godzilla VS Manda scene from DAM. Lasts 1/2 hour. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters: (1954) The original B&W classic of nuclear terror in animal form, butchered with Raymond Burr edits and narration. Full frame, OAR, Classic Media version. [R1] 

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters: (1954) The original Japanese version of the classic that started it all. No Raymond Burr inserts, no chops, no cuts. Picture from the Jap R2 with removable English subtitles added in.

    Godzilla Returns aka Godzilla 1985: (1984) Super looking, original Japanese version of this, the last 'Zilla flick to be released here in the states theatrically until the license was shit upon with G98. No decrepit Perry Mason, no chops. 2 DVD set from the Japanese R2 version with removable English subs added in. Movie on one disk, extras on another. [2 DVD's, R2]

    Godzilla: Final Wars: 16:9 widescreen Japanese version with removable subs added in + extras. [3 DVD's, R2]

    Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: All Out Monsters Attack aka GMK: (2001) In my opinion, the best giant monster flick ever made. Made as a semi-sequel to the original Godzilla, Godzilla is now the embodiment of all the Japanese soldiers killed in WWII and returns to take revenge against the Japanese who have forgotten about them and their sacrifices. Ghidorah, Baragon, and Mothra are humanity's only hope against the unstoppable behemoth. Great FX and the most imposing Godzilla suits I've ever seen. 2 versions available: An alternate DVD that takes the regular R1 and also adds the more accurate English subs from the R3 version or a non-anamorphic version with several extras and another alternate set of burnt-in subtitles. 

    Godzilla, Mothra, Mechagodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.: [R1] 

    Godzilla 2000: (1999) Japanese version with removable English subtitles with picture taken from the Jap R2.

    Godzilla's Revenge: (1969) The most hated G outing, this is a kid's movie compiled from stock footage. Little Ichiro meets Minya (baby G) in his imagination and watches him overcome the bullies of monster island. English dubbed Minya is complete with dopey "hyuck hyuck" voice that sounds like a complete fucking retard. 2 versions available: Either the widescreen English dubbed release [R1] or one in 16:9 widescreen, in Japanese with English subtitles + bonus stuff. [R2]

    Godzilla Raids Again aka Gigantis: The Fire Monster: Sequel to the original Godzilla, this one has the inclusion of a second monster Angilas (or Angirus, depending on your preference). Released in theaters as Gigantis the Fire Monster. Uncut original Japanese version from the R2 with removable English subs added in. 

    Godzilla vs Biollante: (1989) Vastly underrated and totally entertaining big G outing that is the first of the "new" Godzilla films in which the mean green one goes to war with a genetically engineered creature who undergoes a transformation from a giant rose to a huge fucked up tentacled beast. Widescreen Japanese version with removable subs added in plus another disk of extras. [2 DVD's, R2]

    Godzilla vs The Destroyer: (1996) Godzilla's radioactive, nuclear power core-like heart has gone redline and if the Big G nukes, he'll take the planet with him. Massive destruction, new adversaries, and lots of awesome FX! This the original Japanese version in 16:9 widescreen and removable English subs with an extra disk of nothing but bonus crap [2 disks]

    Godzilla vs Hedorah: A strange mix of psychedelic visuals, animation, and graphic death, this is one flick you've got to see to appreciate. This is the original Japanese R2 version in 16:9 widescreen and removable English subs with extras.

    Godzilla vs Gigan: Japanese version in 16:9 widescreen and removable English subs with extras.

    Godzilla vs King Ghidorah: (1991) Excellent entry in the new series that catches a lot of flack due to it's insane time-traveling plotline. Travelers from the future return to Earth's past to prevent a disaster: the revivification of the three headed dragon, Ghidorah. Lots of great action, awesome CGI FX, the big G's dinosaur origins and lots of mass destruction. Widescreen Japanese version with removable subs and extras. [R2]

    Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla: (1974) Anamorphic widescreen, subtitled, extras. [R2]

    Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2: (1993) Yep, Mecha-Godzilla returns as do Rodan and li'l G in this exciting entry that skips all the B.S. and gets right down to the business at hand: destroying stuff. Fun stuff with great miniature FX, and cool CGI's. Includes several great extras.2 versions available: Widescreen, dubbed in either English or German. [R0 PAL] OR widescreen Japanese version with removable English subs added in + disk of extras. [2 DVD's, R2]

    Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla: (2002) Straight from the Jap DVD, with extras and removable English subtitles added in. [R2]

    Godzilla vs Megaguirus: (2000) Set in an alternate future where nuclear power has been banned from major cities since it attracts Godzilla, a special forces team of Godzilla hunters have created a black hole generator that they hope to use on the Big G. During testing the machine causes a tear in space and time and allows giant insect larvae called Megurions to enter and grow to adult size wreaking havoc on Japan. Excellent entry that doesn't get nearly enough fan attention. English subs or dub. [R1]

    Godzilla vs. Megalon: (1976) When the Seatopians, an underwater race of beings, get pissed about the excessive underwater nuclear testing they release Megalon from it’s aquatic slumber to whup some human butt. The Ultraman wannabe Jet Jaguar notifies Godzilla and the battle is joined.2 versions available: Pan & scan English dubbed print that contains extra footage cut from in the US versions [R0 Taiwanese disk] Or the anamorphic widescreen Japanese R2 with English subtitles and extras. 

    Godzilla vs Monster Zero aka Invasion of Astro-Monster: Japanese DVD with extras and removable English subs added in. [R2]

    Godzilla vs Mothra: Battle for the Earth: (1992) This entry features the duo and the new evil monster Battra! Action and FX packed, complete with a shitty Indiana Jones rip-off in the beginning. Widescreen Japanese version with removable subs added in + disk of extras. [2 DVD's, R2]

    Godzilla vs The Sea Monster: (1966)  A couple of kids (well, ok, twenty somethings) decide to take off in an expensive boat and take the unwilling owner along for the ride. The run across a desert isle that, as they find out, is being run by some weird cult. The island is protected by Ebirah and since they are evil Godzilla and Mothra step in to whip some. This is the Japanese DVD release with extras and English subtitles added in. [R2]

    Godzilla vs The Smog Monster: Taken from the OOP Orion prerecord, this is the original AIP English dubbed version of the G movie that everyone loves to hate. A strange mix of psychedelic visuals, animation, and graphic death, this is one flick you've got to see to appreciate. Also includes the Japanese version of the song, "Save the Earth."

    Godzilla vs Space Godzilla: (1994) The second to the last entry in the Heisei series, with G squaring off against Space Godzilla (an evil cross between Godzilla and a geode), with the help of li'l G and an updated version of  the Mysterians robot. Arguably the worst entry in all the Godzilla series. Widescreen Japanese version with removable subs added in + disk of extras. [2 DVD's R2]

    Godzilla vs The Thing (Mothra): (1962) Widescreen English dub [R1] or Japanese DVD release with extras and English subtitles added in. [R2]

    Gorgo: [R1]

    King Kong Escapes: (1968) An evil scientist plans on builds a super robot called Mechani-Kong that's a replica of, you guessed it, King Kong. When MK can't get the job done he kidnaps KK who then escapes and heads straight to Tokyo. The Kong suit looks horrible with the arm extensions on some scenes, but it has some good moments like the climactic robot-vs-gorilla battle on the Tokyo Tower. Widescreen Japanese version with removable subs added in + extras. [R2] Or, the English dubbed version that features a few scenes not in the Jap version [R1].

    King Kong VS Godzilla: (1962) Probably my personal favorite of the G series, this one takes a more lighthearted approach than the first 2 movies and was G's first appearance in color. Japanese version is about 10 times better and more coherent than the butchered US print. 2 versions available: Edited for US audiences version, widescreen, with English dub [R1] or the Japanese R2 version with English subtitles, anamorphic widescreen, isolated musical score, trailers, etc

    King Kong vs. Godzilla: (1962) Same US dubbed version we've all seen, only this has Grampa Munster hosting it on Super Scary Saturday! Lots of corny jokes during breaks, also includes WCW style intro complete with Jim Cornett and his tennis racket. Includes commercial breaks.

    The Last Dinosaur: (1977) An American/Japanese co-production that was originally cut down and premiered as a TV movie. A scientific expedition in a giant drill-thing finds a prehistoric paradise beneath an ice cap and encounters a T-Rex with a penchant for stomping on humans. A hokey film that I thought was awesome as a kid and still enjoyed for it's cheesiness today. Widescreen, supposedly uncut version taken from the Japanese laserdisc, in English with non-removable Japanese subtitles.

    Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds
: Anamorphic widescreen w/removable English subtitles. [R2]

    The Lost World
: Restored Image Entertainment version [R0]

    The Magic Serpent: [R0]

    Monster from a Prehistoric Planet aka Gappa: The Triphibian Monster: (1967) [R0]

    Monster X: Attack on the G8 Summit: [R1]

    Mothra: (1964) Picture from the Jap R2 with removable English subtitles added in. [R2]

    Orochi: The Eight Headed Dragon: [R1]

    Planet of the Dinosaurs: Ultra cheezy 70's outing about a group of space travelers that crash land on a prehistoric island. Lots of good stop-motion FX, cheesy 70's music and costumes, and a bit of gory fight scenes between dinos and humans. [R0]

    Pulgasari: In feudal Korea, the evil King becomes aware that there is a peasant rebellion being planned in the country. He steals all the iron farming tools and cooking pots from the people so that he may make weapons to fend off the peasant army. After he returns the property to the people, an old blacksmith is imprisoned and starved to death. His last creation is a tiny figurine of a monster, Pulgasari, a Godzilla-like creature that eats iron. The blood of his daughter brings the creature to life, and fights with the poor, starving peasants to overthrow the corrupt monarchy. So I've got a low quality fullscreen English subtitled version taken from my VHS, or a straight from the R2 version with no English subs.[R2]

    Rodan: (1956) Japanese with removable English subs and extras [R2]

    Rodan: (1957) Hosted by Grampa Munster on Super Scary Saturday! Includes lots of crappy jokes and even a Top Gun style video complete with "Highway to the Dangerzone" song. Has commercial breaks. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

    Son of Godzilla: Japanese DVD release with extras and English subtitles added in. [R2]

    Space Amoeba aka Yog: Monster from Space: 2 versions, R1 subtitled 16:9 Japanese print or a transfer of the rare original P&S AIP English dubbed version.

    Super Inframan: [R?]

    Terror of Mechagodzilla: (1975) The final, ultimate version of this movie. 16:9 anamorphic widescreen video straight from the Japanese R2, extras from the Japanese R2, removable English subtitles added in, and also the international English dub as an alternate audio track. Also 2 versions of the incredibly rare TV only prologue that can be watched separately or included into the movie. 

    Varan the Unbelievable: (1958) [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    War of the Gargantuas aka Frankenstein's Monsters: Sanda vs. Gaira: (1966) Loosely based as a sequel to Frankenstein vs Baragon (although the US dub ignores this), a giant green humanoid monster begins to attack coastal cities. It's soon found out that the green giant is really a relative of a gentler brown giant who escaped from a research facility whenever it was a child. The inevitable occurs, and the green and brown giants clash over a Japanese cityscape. 2 versions available: a 16:9 widescreen subtitled version from the Japanese R2 with additional footage from the US cut, extras, trailers, and other extras OR a widescreen print of the US cut. US cut has some alternate scenes not in the Japanese version.

    The X from Outer Space: 16:9 anamorphic widescreen, Japanese or English language tracks. [R2]

    Yongary: Monster from the Deep: [R0]

    Zone Fighter: In Japanese with English subs, taken from my crappy VHS. 3 episodes, these were the one's featuring Godzilla and King Ghidorah.