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    Aggravated Assault: Sound quality is distorted a bit on this one since the cameraman was right up front, but how often do you come across these? Warren and the AC boys jam out on this one from October of 1998. From my VHS tape.

Aryan Fest 1989: Classic show featuring Bound For Glory, Haken Kreuz, Midtown Bootboys, and the Bully Boys.

    The Bully Boys & Fortress: Live in Australia 2004:

    Cannibal Corpse: Live in New York on 2-18-91. Original lineup, taken from the Eaten Back to Life tour. Lasts an hour, decent sound and video, first 10 minutes or so has some tracking problems.

    Cannibal Corpse: Live in Corona, California on 1-31-97. From the Vile tour, nice audio and video quality on this one. Lasts an hour.

    Carnivore: Live at L'Amours in Brooklyn, NY on 9/15/86. This is the real deal, original lineup complete with post-apocalyptic gear. Audio sucks but video is excellent. 30+ minutes.

    Carnivore: From 10/7/90, rare as hell. A great live set with Pete Steele and company back when he had a real band with balls. Has a few rolls in the picture, but both the camerawork and audio are great. Lasts about an hour, during the last song the tape fucks up.

    Danzig I: Previously unreleased on DVD, includes videos from songs on the first album and interview footage, including Glen spouting some of the cheesiest shit I've ever heard, trying to sound evil. Really good quality, taken from the official VHS.

    Danzig: Live In Koln Germany: 08/23/1998  [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Danzig: Live in Philadelphia on 3/2/05, from the Blackest of the Black tour. Includes a 30 minute Misfits set along with Doyle, excellent quality!

    Das Reich, Berserkr, Centurion: This from the concert in Racine that I'm guessing is the same professionally shot footage found on the Ian Stuart Memorial concert tape, although it looks to be taken from some sort of master copy since it's got a workprint-style timestamp on it. Taken from my VHS tape.

    Death is Just the Beginning Vol 2: (1992) Video collection of Nuclear Blast in it's death metal heyday, unreleased on DVD

    Deicide: Live show from Cincinnati, OH taped by a friend. Tape quality is great, first gen, but the camerawork itself sucks since he was drunk off his ass. Nice tape as long as you're not expecting something great. Lasts an hour, from the Serpents of the Light tour.

    Deicide: Live in Houston, Texas on 5-17-97, on the Once Upon the Cross tour. Last 1 hour, great sound and camera work, video a bit snowy.

    Dying Breed: Live set from November 1998. Taken from my VHS tape.

    Gathering of the Gods: [2 DVD's]
Marilyn Manson: Lest We Forget: The Video Collection +2 Jap version: Collection of all video releases included as a bonus DVD with the music CD of the same name. This is the imported Japanese version that has videos for "Personal Jesus" & "(s)aint".

    Metallica: Fan recorded live concert at Madison Square Garden (NY, NY) on 3-11-97. Very good video and audio.

    Metallica: Fan recorded live concert Albany, NY on 4-6-97. Very good video and audio.

    Morbid Angel: Live in Montreal, Quebec on 7-19-93. Shot during the Covenant tour, the cameraman was too close to the stage so the sound is crap. 60 minutes.

    Morbid Angel: Live in Chicago, Illinois on 8/20/1993. From the Covenant tour, audio and video are better than the other tape I've got, but it's still not the greatest. 60 minutes.

    Morbid Angel: Live in Chile, on 9/2005. Unsure of the tour, includes David Vincent on vocals and set list is of classic tunes. Lasts an hour.  [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Necrophagia: Nightmare Scenarios: [R0]

    New Year's Revolution: Not the whole show, but this is some footage from the New Year's Revolution concert in January 1996. Includes Max Resist, Blue Eyed Devils, Aggravated Assault, & Squadron. I'm pretty sure if this is not the same footage that's on the video that's being sold of the event, it's from an alternate cameraman. Taken from my VHS tape.

    Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Ozzy: Original concert video from Ozzy during his cock rock phase on the "Ultimate Sin" tour. [VHS FORMAT ONLY]

Resistance Records Video Sampler: Includes Skrewdriver - The Snow Fell, Berserkr - Planet Love, Johnny Rebel - Coon Town, Berserkr - Justice (Live), Skrewdriver - Back With A Bang (Live) [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Rob Zombie: Live show in Mesa, Arizona on 11/27/98. Sounds great and has solid camerawork. Features lots of crowd participation (ie: breasts). Lasts about 90 minutes. Taken from his "Hellbilly Deluxe" tour.

    Type O Negative: Live at L'Amours in Brooklyn, NY sometime in 1993. Runs a little over an hour, set list from first 3 albums & includes 2 Carnivore covers. Good video, decent sound. Runs 60+ minutes.

    United and Pissed: Video Magazine Volume 1: Taken from my VHS
    VH1: Inside Hate Rock: 45 minute documentary on the white nationalist music scene, includes lots of interviews from members of Angry Aryans, Max Resist, + more.

Video Compilations

Beauty In Darkness Volume 6
Century Media: The Visual Experience - The First 20 Years
(2 DVD's)
Death is just the Beginning Vol 2
(VHS source)
Death is just the Beginning Vol 3
(VHS source)
Death is just the Beginning Vol 6
Death is just the Beginning Vol 7
(2 DVD's)
Metal Blade: 20th Anniversary Party
Monsters of Metal Volume 1-4
Monsters of Death
Metal Blade: Digital Video Destruction