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Obscure Science Fiction and Space Madness

    Alien 2: On the Earth aka Alien Terror: (1980) Ultra violent unofficial sequel to Alien from Italy. A spacecraft comes back to Earth (courtesy stock NASA footage) but the astronauts have been replaced by creatures that can penetrate a human body, and make them explode. Toss in a psychic spelunker and her team that go to chart a cave near the coast that ironically now inhabited by the alien creatures, some of the biggest plotholes and logic defying story progression of all time, and an ending that is fucking insane. The film is a rip-off, but surprisingly enjoyable, if not taken to seriously. Uncut, fullscreen, in English, with Japanese subtitles.

    Alien VS Hunter: (2007) [R1]

    Battle in Outer Space aka Uchu Daisenso: (1959) Widescreen subtitled version [R2]

    The Complete Metropolis: (1927) This, the restored version put out by Kino, is the most complete print of Metropolis available in any format. After Kino's previous restoration an additional 25 minutes that were found in an Argentinean cinema. Besides having a new fully restored print it also features a ton of interesting bonus materials. [R1]

    Creepozoids: [R1]

    Earth VS The Flying Saucers: (1956) Widescreen presentation of another classic Ray Harryhausen FX project. When aliens land on the Earth after their planet begins to die, mankind kindly greets them with hostile gunfire causing a war of epic proportions. Lots of great saucer destruction of popular landmarks. [R1]

    First Spaceship on Venus: (1960) East German sci-fi [R0]

    Forbidden World: [R1]

    Forbidden Planet: [R1]

    Galaxy of Terror: [R1]

    Goke: The Bodysnatcher from Hell aka Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro: (1968) 16:9 widescreen print taken from the Jap R2 with removable English subs added in. 

    Gorath: (1962) Uncut version of this classic Toho sci-fi outing directed by the legendary Godzilla Guru Ishiro Honda. Scientists discover that a giant meteor is on a collision course with a star. After a disastrous attempt to send a manned rocket ship out to meet it, the scientists decide that they must move Earth out of the errant star’s way! This version is the original Japanese release and contains all footage missing from the US version. 16:9 widescreen in Japanese with removable English subs and extras. [Jap R2]

    The Green Slime: (1968) This Japanese production with English cast centers a monster (The Green Slime) attacking a crew aboard a space station. Can they destroy the Green Slime before they return to the Earth and infect mankind? [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Half Human: [VHS source]

The Human Vapor aka The H Man: (1960) Japanese DVD source but with removable subtitles added. [R2]

    The Last Days of Planet Earth aka Last Prophecies of Nostradomus: (1974) Toho had destroyed the world a hundred times with it's giant monsters so it was only fitting that they did an "end of the world" style entry, and what an entry it is. I heard it once described as "a seemingly random series of events each having nothing to do with the last." Yes, it's that fucked up. Plot concerns to a scientist who, seeing that the world will soon end due to humanity's inconsideration, feels he must take it on himself to stop the coming apocalypse. Really boils down to him speaking to a group saying, "If we don't stop <insert bad human action>, then this <insert FX scene> will happen!" Nuclear war, famine, suicidal cults, giant slugs, deformed/superhuman offspring, global warming and freezing, overpopulation, it's all there. Watch it and ponder the meaning of life. Looks likea VHS source, this is the widescreen English international dub with Dutch subtitles. Also have a P&S English VHS copy that has the original English title, but unfortunately can't copy due to Macrovision.

    Latitude Zero: [VHS source]

    Lorelei: (2005) [R2]

    The Lost Continent: [R1]

  Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People: Widescreen Japanese version with removable English subs added in [R2]
    The Mysterians
aka Earth Defence Force: (1957) Highly sought-after Toho classic! When scientists find a huge robot-creature (Mogera) in the forests, it suddenly spells doom for the human race! The planet Mysteriod is invading Earth (via Japan of course) and the nations must band together to stop them by any means necessary! Amazing FX for the time. Beautiful 16:9 widescreen print taken from the R2 source, with removable English subtitles added! Includes footage cut from the US version, music-only track, trailers, 5.1 or 2.0 Japanese audio tracks, the works. [R2]

    Sekai Daisenso: The Last War: (1961) Beautiful 16:9 widescreen print taken from the R2 source, with removable English subtitles added! [R2]

    The Secret of the Telegian: (1960) Japanese DVD with English subs added, or English dubbed from VHS source.

    Star Hunter: [R1]

    Swamp Thing: Recalled, unrated international print. [R1]

    The Valley of Gwangi: (1969) [R1]

    Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet: [R0]

    War in Space: [R1]

    Warning from Space: (1956) Extremely corny Japanese sci-fi flick about a group of star shaped aliens that is so cheesy it's beyond belief. The plot goes something like this; aliens land and impersonate humans in order to stop human scientists from making a super bomb and eventually destroying the Earth. Around this same time a huge meteor threatens to slam into Earth and destroy both our planet and the starfish planet, so the only choice is to make the super bomb against everyone's wishes. Sounds simple but it's fucked up way beyond this. Classic 60's dubbed cheese, taken from a crappy p&s print. [R0]

    The World Sinks Except Japan: [R1]

Mst3k on DVD
(Those from commercial releases are noted with a *)

Season 0
K4 - Gamera VS Barugon
K19 - Hangar 18

Season 1 
Episode 101 - The Crawling Eye
Episode 102 - The Robot VS The Aztec Mummy
Episode 103 - Mad Monster *
Episode 104 - Women of the Prehistoric Planet
Episode 105 - The Corpse Vanishes *
Episode 106 - The Crawling Hand *
Episode 107 - Robot Monster
Episode 110 - Robot Holocaust

Season 2 - Complete
Episode 201 - Rocketship X-M
Episode 202 - The Sidehackers *
Episode 203 - Jungle Goddess 
Episode 204 - Catalina Caper *
Episode 205 - Rocket Attack USA 
Episode 206 - The Ring of Terror *
Episode 207 - Wild Rebels *
Episode 208 - The Lost Continent *
Episode 209 - Hellcats *
Episode 210 - King Dinosaur 
Episode 211 - First Spaceship on Venus *
Episode 212 - Godzilla VS Meglon *
Episode 213 - Godzilla VS The Sea Monster 

Season 3

Episode 301 - Cave Dwellers *
Episode 302 - Gamera
Episode 303 - Pod People *
Episode 304 - Gamera VS Barugon
Episode 305 - Stranded in Space
Episode 306 - Time of the Apes
Episode 307 - Daddy-O
Episode 310 - Fugitive Alien
Episode 311 - It Conquered the World
Episode 312 - Gamera VS Gurion
Episode 315 - Teenage Caveman
Episode 316 - Gamera VS Zigra
Episode 318 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
Episode 320 - The Unearthly *
Episode 321 - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians *
Episode 322 - Master Ninja
Episode 324 - Master Ninja II

Season 4 - Complete
Episode 401 - Space Travelers 
Episode 402 - The Giant Gila Monster *
Episode 403 - City Limits 
Episode 404 - Teenagers from Outer Space *
Episode 405 - The Being from Another Planet 
Episode 406 - Attack of the Giant Leeches *
Episode 407 - The Killer Shrews *
Episode 408 - Hercules Unchained *
Episode 409 - The Indestructible Man *
Episode 410 - Hercules against the Moon Men *
Episode 411 - The Magic Sword 
Episode 412 - Hercules and the Captive Women 
Episode 413 - Manhunt in Space *
Episode 414 - Tormented *
Episode 415 - The Beatniks *
Episode 416 - Fire Maidens of Outer Space 
Episode 417 - Crash of the Moons *
Episode 418 - Attack of the Eye Creatures 
Episode 419 - The Rebel Set *
Episode 420 - The Human Duplicators 
Episode 421 - Monster A Go-Go *
Episode 422 - The Day the Earth Froze 
Episode 423 - Bride of the Monster 
Episode 424 - Manos: The Hands of Fate *

Season 5 - Complete
Episode 501 - Warrior of the Lost World *
Episode 502 - Hercules 
Episode 503 - Swamp Diamonds *
Episode 504 - Secret Agent Super Dragon *
Episode 506 - Eegah! *
Episode 507 - I Accuse My Parents *
Episode 508 - Operation Double 007 

Episode 509 - Girl in Lover's Lane *
Episode 510 - Lassie: The Painted Hills 
Episode 511 - The Gunslinger *
Episode 512 - Mitchell *
Episode 513 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die *
Episode 514 - The Teenage Strangler *
Episode 515 - Wild World of Batwoman *
Episode 516 - Alien From LA
Episode 517 - Beginning of the End *
Episode 518 - The Atomic Brain *
Episode 519 - Outlaw 
Episode 520 - Radar Secret Service 
Episode 521 - Santa Claus *
Episode 522 - Teen-age Crime Wave 
Episode 523 - Village of the Giants
Episode 524 - 12 to the Moon 
Season 6 - Complete
Episode 601 - Girls Town 
Episode 602 - Invasion U.S.A. 
Episode 603 - The Dead Talk Back *
Episode 604 - Zombie Nightmare *
Episode 605 - Colossus and the Headhunters 
Episode 606 - The Creeping Terror *
Episode 607 - Bloodlust *
Episode 608 - Code Name: Diamondhead 
Episode 609 - The Sky Divers *
Episode 610 - The Violent Years 
Episode 611 - Last of the Wild Horses 
Episode 612 - The Starfighters *
Episode 613 - The Sinister Urge*
Episode 614 - San Francisco International 
Episode 615 - Kitten with a Whip 
Episode 616 - Racket Girls *
Episode 617 - The Sword & the Dragon 
Episode 618 - High School Big Shot 
Episode 619 - Red Zone Cuba *
Episode 620 - Danger! Death Ray 
Episode 621 - The Beast of Yucca Flats *
Episode 622 - Angels' Revenge *
Episode 623 - The Amazing Transparent Man 
Episode 624 - Sampson VS The Vampire Women 

Season 7 - Complete
Episode 701 - Night of the Blood Beast *
Episode 702 - The Brute Man
Episode 703 - Deathstalker & the Warriors from Hell
Episode 704 - The Incredible Melting Man
Episode 705 - Escape 2000
Episode 706 - Laserblast *

Season 8
Episode 801 - Revenge of the Creature
Episode 802 - Space Mutiny *
Episode 810 - The Giant Spider Invasion *
Episode 811 - Parts: The Clonus Horror *
Episode 812 - The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies *
Episode 816 - Prince of Space *
Episode 817 - Horror at Party Beach
Episode 819 - Invasion of the Neptune Men
Episode 821 - Time Chasers *
Episode 822 - Overdrawn at the Memory Bank *

Season 9
Episode 901 - The Projected Man
Episode 902 - The Phantom Planet *
Episode 903 - The Puma Man
Episode 904 - Werewolf *
Episode 905 - The Deadly Bees
Episode 906 - The Space Children
Episode 907 - Hobgoblins *
Episode 908 - The Touch of Satan *
Episode 910 - The Final Sacrifice *
Episode 911 - Devil Fish
Episode 913 - Quest of the Delta Knights

Season 10 - Complete
Episode 1001 - Soultaker *
Episode 1002 - Girl in Gold Boots *
Episode 1003 - Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders *
Episode 1004 - Future War
Episode 1005 - The Blood Waters of Dr. Z *
Episode 1006 - Boggy Creek II *
Episode 1007 - Track of the Moon Beast
Episode 1008 - Final Justice *
Episode 1009 - Hamlet *
Episode 1010 - It Lives by Night
Episode 1011 - Horrors of Spider Island *
Episode 1012 - Squirm
Episode 1013 - Danger: Diabolik

Episode XXX - Jack Frost

The Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark
The Film Crew: Giant of Marathon
The Film Crew: Killers from Space    
The Film Crew: Wild Women of Wongo

Rifftrax: The Best of Rifftrax Shorts Volume 1
Rifftrax: The Best of Rifftrax Shorts Volume 2
Rifftrax: Shorts Tacular Shorts Stravaganza Volume 3
Rifftrax: Wide World of Shorts Volume 4
Rifftrax: Carnival of Souls
Rifftrax: The House on Haunted Hill
Rifftrax: Little Shop of Horrors
Rifftrax: Maniac
Rifftrax: Missle to the Moon
Rifftrax: Night of the Living Dead
Rifftrax: Plan 9 From Outer Space
Rifftrax: Plan 9 From Outer Space Live
Rifftrax: Planet of the Dinosaurs
Rifftrax: Reffer Madness

Rifftrax: Swing Parade
Rifftrax: Voodoo Man

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Mr. B's Lost Shorts: Included in the MST3k Collection Volume 6 DVD set. Contains "Mr. B Natural", "X Marks the Spot", "Hired!--Part 1", "Design for Dreaming", "Johnny at the Fair" & "Are You Ready for Marriage?"

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Shorts, Vol. 1: Included in the MST3k Collection Volume 2 DVD set. Contains "The Home Economics Story", "Junior Rodeo Daredevils", "Body Care & Grooming", "Cheating", "A Date With Your Family", "Why Study Industrial Arts?" & "Chicken of Tomorrow".

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Shorts, Vol. 2
: Included in the MST3k Collection Volume 3 DVD set. Contains "Catching Trouble", "What To Do On A Date", "Last Clear Chance", "A Day At The Fair", "Keeping, Clean & Neat" & "The Days of Our Years".

MST3k DVD Collection: Volume 1 - A DVD compiled by yours truly, made from VCD sources. Includes 4 episodes; 523 Village of the Giants, 621 The Beast of Yucca Flats, 801 Revenge of the Creature, & 909 Gorgo.  

MST3k DVD Collection: Volume 2  - Another compiled gem made from VCD sources. Includes 4 episodes; 319 War of the Colossal Beast, 608 Codename: Diamondhead, 803 The Mole People, & 804 The Deadly Mantis

MST3k DVD Collection: Volume 3 - More VCD crap! 4 episodes total; 212 Godzilla VS Megalon, 213 Godzilla VS the Sea Monster, 304 Gamera VS Barugon, & 903 The Pumaman.

MST3k DVD Collection: Volume 4 - It's two episodes and a ton of shorts! Contains Episode 407 The Killer Shrews, 904 Werewolf, and the following shorts: Circus on Ice, Playstation Underground, Once Upon a Honeymoon, Alphabet Antics, Mr. B Natural, Poopie Parade of Values, Summer Blockbuster Review, Hired!, X Marks the Spot, Here Comes the Circus, Is this Love?, Aquatic Wizards, & Johnny at the Fair.

MST3k DVD Collection: Volume 5  - So fun I did it again, made from VCD sources. Includes 4 episodes; 101 The Crawling Eye, 102 The Robot VS The Aztec Mummy, 422 The Day The Earth Froze, & 701 Night of the Blood Beast.