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Found here is listing of items in my personal collection for the purpose of cataloging and talking with other traders about our hobby. Per Tripod TOS this is not a commercial site and it is not my intention to sell or advertise items for sale.



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Latest Updates

05.27.17 - Deleted a few redundant DVD titles, added to PS1 game list.

04.08.16 - Wow, the older you get the faster time seems to slip by. Has it really
been that long ago that Geocities went under and I moved this page to Tripod?
There's always so many things I mean to add and update to these lists but never
get around to.

The days of tape and disc trading through the mail are long gone. I got into this around 1997,
20 friggin' years ago. That alone is amazing to me; that it was so long ago when
I plonked down the $550 USD for that shitty 2x external Phillips CD-R drive and $2-3 each for
generic blank media.

So many things have changed during those years it's hard to even list them all. Movies
transitioned from VHS into VCD's for a short period, then quickly to DVD-R, now
(other than cobbled together fan prints or extremely rare niche titles) movies traded on physical
media are scarce.  As sad as it is...stick a fork in it. The generation of tape trading is dead.

Playstation trading was huge.... I mean huge. Saturn was too, but not nearly as much.
Although stuff like the Sega CD, 3DO, and PCE Duo were "last gen" there were a few
collectors of those around. When the next generation of consoles arrived there was a shift to DVD burners,
along with some new mod hurdles to jump through, but by then the end was nigh. Midway
through that console lifespan broadband access became commonplace, and not
nearly as many people had modded systems. Couple this with the startling lack of
unique import titles and traders were few and far between. (This with the exception of a
small Dreamcast trading boom around 2000).

By 2003 or so the next consoles arrived and trading was deader than dead. Mods became
even more complicated, digital trading over broadband even more common, and
many systems had HDD installs so a physical disc wasn't even needed. Nowadays
you can find almost the entire PS1 library with direct download links in just a few short clicks.

I'm very thankful to all the traders I dealt with over the years, I wish I hung on to all those
email addresses. I met some really cool people, got turned on to some wonderful
obscure import games and movies that I never would had otherwise, and made
some great memories. Thank you very much to everyone I ever met during this hobby.

I'll even leave my list of deadbeat traders up. Yes, there are dicks
that are such lowlifes they'll steal something as worthless as blank media. It's really
amazing though to think of the hundreds of complete strangers I've dealt with over the years
that I fortunately only came across a tiny amount of assholes.

This originally started as a small list of Playstation CD-R's on Geocities in 1997 or 98,
stayed there until Geocities shut it's doors and moved here to Tripod. I'll keep this here
for posterity's sake and update it on the rare occasions I pick up something new
or decide to write some shitty paragraphs about something.

Although I don't update often I'm still alive and kicking, don't hesitate to email me.
I'm always looking to trade or chat about games or movies!

08.06.14 - First update in nearly 2 years, finally got off my lazy ass and uploaded my newest lists
11.14.12 - Misc update, couple new small items written &
UNSORTED DVD LIST added. This is just a temporary list of
new stuff I haven't sorted out yet
1.15.12 - Small update, Top Fighter 2000 MKVIII movelist finished
10.14.11 - Gamebox review
7.18.11 - Small update
4.12.11 - Small update
10.16.10 - Small DVD update, Street Fighter article started
7.8.10 - Everything updated again
3.10.10 - Everything updated
11.7.09 - Got rid of frames

Useless shit I've written:

Do Sony products hate cheap HDMI cables?

The King of Fighters '98 / '99 - Unlicensed Mega Drive pirate move list (unfinished)

Top Fighter 2000 MKVIII / Top Fighter 2005 - Unlicensed Mega Drive pirate move list

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Pirate Famicom Street Fighter II game comparisons (unfinished)

The Datel Pro CDX, SCDCONV, & CONVSCD cross compatibility chart

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Bad traders, thieves, and all around jerks

Mods 4 Less
Scam Artists
Stole 70$+

David Sloan
3765 Woodview
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Sent non-working DVD

Ebay asshole
Sent wrong, non-working CD's

Eric Lawson
c/o MedQuist
3637 Green Rd.
Cleveland,OH 44122
Deadbeat Usenet trader
Stole 18$ on top of
sending non-working CD's
Dan Saki
PO Box 5473
Pasadena, CA 91117
Deadbeat Usenet trader
Sent non-working CDs
David Sullivan
16086 King Road
Danvers, IL 61732
Deadbeat Usenet trader
Sent non-working CD
Eddie Florek 
5895 St. Fillans CT 
Dublin, OH 43017 
Deadbeat Usenet dipshit 
Stole 10 CDs
Dominic Serra 
15655 33 Mile Rd 
Armada MI 48005 
 Usenet cunt 
Stole 5 CDs
PO Box 771628 
Coral Springs, FL.33077-1628 
Ebay Scammer 
Stole $15.00
Cory Gomez 
4502 South 34th Street 
Omaha NE 68107 
Yahoo! Clubs thief 
Stole 5 VHS tapes
Tom (Greg) Gowdin 
410 Springbrook Dr. 
Anderson, SC 29621 
Usenet cocksucker 
Stole Warsong Genesis game
Jason Woods 
17145 Margay Ave 
Carson, CA 90706 
Stole 5 CD's