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Neo Geo MVS
Here's a few pictures and some info about my MVS system. 

Here's a picture of the 2 slot cabinet when I first picked it up. I bought it on eBay from a dealer that was about a 2 hour drive from here. The auction wasn't too descriptive, needless to say it wasn't in the best of shape. 

It was previously a Ms. Pac-Man cab that was converted over to be an MVS machine. The seller didn't really know jack shit about it other than it played ok, so I'm assuming he didn't convert it himself. You might notice the two thin metal slats sticking out of the sides of the machine, that's part of the monitor mounting bracket where a newer (and larger) monitor was put in the cab that wouldn't fit on the existing bracket. 

You might also want to notice the huge white "25 cents!" sticker on the glass above the 2p controls, along with the pile of wires connecting the coin mechanisms that resembles a bird's nest. 


Here's a shot of the insides. Besides the inch of dust and crud on everything, the unit doesn't have a power switch, test switch, or service switch installed. Without a test switch you can't access the dipswitch menus to do such nifty things as enable freeplay and fiddle with the individual game settings. That would be the first order of business, after a good cleaning. Gotta love that leftover baby blue Pac-Man paint.

If you look in the main bottom of the cab you can see the old Pac-Man power supply bolted to the bottom. Whoever converted this cab didn't want to invest 5 bucks on a new line filter and fuse set, so they had the AC power running straight from the wall socket into the Pac-Man power supply, then after it passed through the filter and fuses onto the MVS PSU. In theory this isn't bad, but if you saw how bad this Pac-Man PS was you'd understand my jitters. Fucking thing looks like it came over on the Mayflower. Rusted to shit, I'm surprised that it doesn't burst into flames whenever the 110 starts running through it. That's another thing I need to fix. 

Another fucked up thing; there was no support in the middle of the motherboard. You can see the wood slats on the sides it was screwed to, but there was nothing in the middle. This meant that when a cart was inserted in the left slot the whole board would bow in the middle from the pressure.

Here's a slightly improved shot. The arrow is pointing to the monitor brackets that I mentioned earlier. The pinkish stuff on them is wood putty that I used to seal up some cracks. I installed a small black momentary microswitch on the front (circled) for a test switch. Lots of fun was had sorting through the rat's nest of wires that ran to the coin mechanisms with a multimeter. They ran the fucking test and service switch wires, but didn't bother to hook them to a switch? Wtf? 

I hooked a service button up on the inside of the coin door, no need to have it outside since the only thing it does is add a credit. 

Cleaned everything, removed sticker gum and other shit from the glass, replaced mini marquees. Also printed out a Fatal Fury Special movelist and placed it over the crappy "1 COIN, 1 CREDIT" text box on the bottom of the bezel. 

I've got the black and red paint so as soon as I find time I'll be repainting it. Also ordered a full set of replacement buttons and joysticks. 

All and all I'm pretty happy with it. The cab itself was $220, and I've probably invested another $50 in small shit like paint, wire, switches, and other shit, including the new joysticks and buttons. Whenever I get it all refinished I'll post another picture.

This is the cart pile as of Feb '04. My crappy camera didn't take that good of a picture, but you can make most of them out. I've ended up with some real deals on these carts, all together I've spent around $160 on games. That's one of the main reasons I went after the MVS system rather than the home AES version, it's a hell of a lot cheaper. With this route I could always build a Supergun to play them on a TV screen (or I could just turn on my Xbox :/ )