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Sony Playstation 2 No-Mod games
Abbreviations: [US], [Jap], [PAL]= source of game 

All games are either from CD's or ripped from DVD's and patched. All work with no-solder mods, flip tops, knife/slide cards, etc & boot with either an Action Replay or Swap Magic disk.

    Action Replay Max Evo: Both PAL and US NTSC versions included, has updated cheat code list, media player, and the ability to transfer saves via USB drive.

    Aliens VS Predator: Extinction
: [US]

    Barbarian: [US]

    Capcom VS SNK 2: (Capcom) Japanese version is unedited with original names and voices that were changed for the US release. [US] or [Jap]

    Choro Q Combat: [Jap]

    City Crisis: Includes a PAL or NTSC selector. [PAL]

    Crashed: Patched to NTSC. [PAL]

    Contra: Shattered Soldier BETA: (Konami) Must remove memory card from slot 1 in order for game to boot properly. I'm not sure of the differences between this and the released version. [US]

    Contra: Shattered Soldier: [US]
    Dance Dance Revolution DDRMax 6th Mix: [Jap]
    Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection: [Jap]
    Dark Angel: [2 CD's, US]

    Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore: (Tecmo) Updated version of the Dreamcast original that includes new character outfits and backgrounds. [US]
    Dynasty Warriors 2: [US]
    Extermination: [Jap]
    Extreme G 3: [US]
    Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle: [US]

    Generations of Chaos: Japanese-text heavy strategy RPG. [Jap]

    Gradius III & IV: [US]

    Gradius V: (Konami) 3d rendered update of the trademark shooter series, worth trying out [US]

    Half Life BETA: [US]
    Half Life: [US]
    Hidden Invasion: [US]
    Ico: [US]
    Klonoa 2: [Jap]
    Lethal Skies: [US]
    Jak & Daxter: [US or Jap]
    Marvel VS Capcom 2: [Jap or US]
    Matt Hoffman Pro BMX 2 BETA
    Maximo: [Jap]
    Micro Machines V4: [US]
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon:
(Bandai) [US]
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front:
(Bandai) [US]
    Moto GP 2: [PAL]
    NBA Street: [US]

    Ninja Assault: (Namco) Guncon-supporting shooter that's similar to House of the Dead, only with ninjas instead of Zombies. [Jap]

    Quake 3: [US] 
    Rally Fusion: [US]
    Rayman M: [PAL]
    Red Faction 2 DEMO: [US]
    Runabout 3: Neo Age: (Climax) [Jap]

    Sega Ages: Volume 05: Golden Axe: (Sega) 3d update to the classic side scroller. [Jap]

    Sega Ages: Volume 11: Hokuto No Ken: (Sega) Has both Mark III and remade versions of Fist of the North Star. [Jap]

    Sega Ages: Volume 19: Fighting Vipers: (Sega) A nice arcade port of the fighting game [Jap]

    Sega Ages: Volume 20: Space Harrier Complete Collection: (Sega) Excellent collection of all Harrier games with bonus material!. [Jap]

    Sega Ages: Volume 25: Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box: (Sega) Includes Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, & Alien Soldier [Jap]

    Sega Ages: Volume 26: Dynamite Deka: (Sega) Has both arcade and Saturn ports of D. Deka, aka: Die Hard Arcade. [Jap]

    Sega Ages: Volume 33: Fantasy Zone Complete Collection: (Sega) Spectacular ports of all the Fantasy Zone games, including an exclusive verson of part 2 designed with the System 16 arcade hardware. [Jap]

    Shadowman 2: [US]
    Silent Scope 3: [US]

    Simple 2000 Series Vol. 91: The All Star Fighting Festival: (D3) Budget 3d fighter featuring characters from the Simple Series universe. [Jap]

Simple 2000 Series Vol. 95: The Zombie vs. Kyuukyuusha: (D3) A weird Crazy Taxi meets Resident Evil horror driving game [Jap]

    The Sims: (EA)
    Smugglers Run: [US]
    Spectral VS Generation: [Jap]

    Spongebob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman: Requires CD Loader if using Swap Magic 2.0 to boot. [US]

    Spy Hunter: [US]
    SSX Tricky: (EA) One of the better snowboarding games. [US]

    State of Emergency: (Rockstar) Repetitive beat-em-up that has features hundreds of onscreen enemies. [US]

    Sub Rebellion: Patched to NTSC. [PAL]

    Super Bust-a-Move: (Taito) Bubble-bursting puzzle game [US]

    Tekken 4: (Namco) I'm not 100% sure if this version differs any content-wise from the regular US release, almost all menus and onscreen text is in English. [Jap}

    Tekken Tag Tournament: [US]
    Terminator: Dawn of Fate: Has a NTSC/PAL trainer. [US]
    Test Drive Offroad: Wide Open: [US]
    The Thing: [US]
    Timesplitters: (Edios) [US]
    Timesplitters 2 DEMO: (Edios) [PAL]
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 DEMO: [US]
    Tribes: Ariel Assault: [US]
    Twisted Metal Black: [US]

    Unreal Tournament: Requires CD Loader if using Swap Magic 2.0 to boot. [US]

    Virtua Cop Rebirth: (Sega) [Jap]

    Virtua Fighter: 10th Anniversary Edition: (Sega) Has all the characters from VF4:Evo but with graphics and gameplay of VF1. Also has PAL/NTSC selection at the start. [PAL]

    Virtua Fighter 4: (Sega) Great arcade conversion of the 3d fighter. [US]

    Winback: [US]

    Worms Blast: Reworking of the Worms game, plays similar to Taito's Bust A Move. Patched to NTSC. [PAL]

    WWF Smackdown 3: [US]
    X-Squad: [US]
    Zorro: Patched to NTSC. [PAL]