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Common US Playstation Releases

Macross: VFX:
Magic Carpet
Marvel Super Heroes
Mass Destruction:
Maximum Force
Mega Man X 6:
Metal Gear Solid: [2CD, US] 
Medal of Honor:
Medal of Honor: Underground:
Micro Machines V3:
Mission Impossible:
Mobile Armor:
Monster Rancher:
Monster Rancher: Battle Card:
Mortal Kombat 3:
Mortal Kombat 4:
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero:
Moto Racer 2
Namco Museum Vol 1:
Need for Speed: V-Rally 2:
Need for Speed 3:
Need for Speed 4:
Nitrous Oxide: N2O:
Pac Man World:
Panzer Front:
Parappa The Rapper:
Point Blank:
Point Blank 2:
Point Blank 3:
Pool Hustler
Powerboat Racing:
Poy Poy:
Primal Rage:
Project Horned Owl:
Psychic Force:
Quake 2:  
Raiden Project:
Rally Cross
Rampage: World Tour:
RC De Go!:
RC Stunt Copter:
Resident Evil:
Resident Evil: Survivor:
Resident Evil 2:
Resident Evil 3:
Return Fire:
Ridge Racer
Rival Schools:
Road Rash:
Road Rash 3D:
Rogue Trip:
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV
RPG Maker:
Runabout 2:
Running Wild:  
Saga Frontier:
Silent Hill:   
The Simpsons Wrestling:
Skeleton Warriors:
Skull Monkeys:
Sorcerer's Maze:
Soul of the Samurai:
Soul Blade:
South Park
Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol:
Speed Power Gunbike:
Spyro the Dragon:
Spyro the Dragon 2:
Squaresoft 2000 Collector's CD:
Star Wars: Demolition:
Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles:
Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi:
Street Fighter: The Movie:
Street Fighter Collection:
Street Fighter Collection 2:
Street Fighter EX + Alpha:
Street Fighter EX 2 +:
Street Fighter Alpha 2:
Street Racer:
Street Sk8ter:
Suikoden 2:
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
Syphon Filter:
Syphon Filter 2:
Syphon Filter 3:



 Imports, Patched games, & Other Unusual Stuff

    Macross: Super Dimension Fortress
: [2CD, Jap]


    Mad Stalker: [JP]
Marvel VS Capcom EX: Poor-man's conversion of the tag team co-op fighter. [JP]

    Master Of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia: Hit & miss update to the classic Genesis strategy game. Available in either the [JP] or [US] versions. 

    Men In Black: Patched to NTSC. [PAL]

    Metal Gear Solid Demo: From the Japanese magazine (Famitsu Wave), has a few other demos and game saves. Features items and other things not in the released version. [JP] 

    Metal Gear Solid Integral: Includes a disk of VR missions and also the 2 game disks with a couple more extras than the regular version. Unpatched, may require Gameshark codes depending on your modchip version. [3CD, JP] 

    Metal Slug: [JP] 

    Metal Slug X: This is the uncensored version that has blood and other things removed from the US version. Also has a PAL/NTSC selector. [JP] The US version is also available, but it's censored.

    Micro Maniacs: Has a PAL/NTSC selector patch, multilanguage. [PAL] 

    The Mission: Patched to NTSC. [PAL]

    Mortal Kombat II: Extremely rare Japanese-only release. Probably the best translation of the arcade game available, although still developed by Probe it fairs much better than the Saturn version. [JP] 

    The Mummy: Patched to NTSC. [PAL] 

    NES Emu w/90 ROMS
Fairly decent emulation, includes sound.

    Nikita: An adults-only point and click game that has various FMV clips of an adult film. 

    Oh Bakyyuunn!: This is the Japanese version of the European haunted house Guncon release "Ghoul Panic." [JP]

    Omega Boost: [JP] or [US]

    Panzer Bandit: A virtual copy of Treasure's "Guardian Heroes" for the Saturn, a beat 'em up with a line based combat system. Supports 4 players at once in some modes.  [JP] 

    Pepsiman: [JP] 

    Perfect Performer: The Yellow Monkey: Parappa-style music game with a live band replacing the cartoon characters. Even has multiplayer support. [JP] 

    Poy Poy 2: [JP] 
    Pururun with Shape Up Girls: Subtitled on the disk label as "pin-up girl Tetris". Make your own summary. [JP]

    Raging Skies: [JP]

    Rally De Africa '98: [JP]

    Rally De Europe 2000: [JP] 

    Raystorm: [JP]

    Retro Force: Patched to NTSC. [PAL] 

    Rescue Shot: Supports the Guncon, great little 3D action game with a lot of character. You guide your little animal pal through levels protecting him from dangers and giving him ideas on where to go and what to do by shooting different things on the screen. [PAL]

    Ridge Racer Type 4: Available in either  [2CD, JP] or [2CD, US] versions. The 2nd CD of each version has stuff like game demos, videos, etc and is unique to each version. 

    Rising Zan: Samurai Gunman: [JP] 

    Runabout: [JP] 

    Rurouni Kenshin Fighters: [JP] 

    R-Types: Contains R-Type 1 and 2, along with a movie of Delta and some other bonus collection stuff. [JP]

    R-Type Delta: [JP] 
    Salamander Deluxe Pack + [JP]

Samurai Spirits / Shodown 3: [JP] or [US]

    Samurai Spirits / Shodown 4 Special: [JP] 

    Samurai Spirits / Shodown: Warriors Rage 2: (SNK) 3D fighting game. [JP] 

    Samurai Spirits Fencing Pack: (SNK) Both Samurai Shodown/Spirits 1 and 2 on one disk. [JP] 

    Savage Heat: VCD-like formatted disk of some Russian porn flicks.

    Sega Master System Collection: An
ok emulator that supports SMS or GG roms. The sound is horrible, the games play a bit framey but most at a very good speed.

    Sextacy: VCD-like formatted disk of some Russian porn flicks.

    Side By Side Special 2000: [JP] 

    Silent Bomber: [JP] 

    Simple 1500 Series Volume 22: The Pro Wrestling: Budget wrestler by Yukes, this is the game WWF Smackdown is based on. [JP] 

    Simple 1500 Series Volume 17: The Bike Race: Budget priced motocross racing [JP] 

    Simple 1500 Series Volume 24: The Gun Shooting: Supports both the Guncon or Justifier, an interesting arcade style shooter. [JP] 

    Simple 1500 Series Volume 56: The Sniper: Budget priced assassin game with similar game mechanics to Konami's Silent Scope series. [JP]

    Simple 1500 Series Volume 63: The Gun Shooting II: Supports Guncon or Justifer, a cartoony collection of mini-games [JP] 

    Simple 1500 Series Volume 68: The RC Car: RC De Go! in it's original import version [JP] 

    Slap Happy Rhythm Busters: A very eccentric game that I highly recommend. Its a 2D fighter with a cartoony cel-shadded style look that has super combos that work out like moves from dancing games. Crazy but cool. [JP] 

    Sol Divide: [JP] 

    Soukyugurentai Otokuyo: [JP]

    Space Debris: Patched to NTSC mode. [PAL] 

    Street Boarders: [JP]

    Street Fighter Ex 2 +: [JP] 

    Street Fighter Zero 3: Extremely good home translation, although not as good as the Saturn version. Available in either [JP] or [US] versions.

    Strider 1 & 2: Great arcade port of the 2.5 3D sequel to the original arcade classic, also includes a damn good conversion of the original arcade game. [2CD, JP] 

    Strikers 1945 II:  Fantastic translation of the arcade vertical shmup sequel. Both [US] and [JP] versions available. The US one drops the "II" from the title and has everything translated to English, but removes the sideways TATE display option unless you use a Gameshark code.