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Common US Playstation Releases

Tai Fu
Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
: [3CD, US] 
Tecmo's Deception
Tekken 2
Tempest X

Tenchu 2
Test Drive 4

Test Drive 5
Test Drive Offroad 2
Time Crisis
Time Crisis: Project Titan

Tomb Raider

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal: Small Brawl
Twisted Metal 3
Twisted Metal 4
Unholy Wars
Vigilante 8
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense
WCW Backstage Assault
WCW Mayhem
WCW Thunder
WCW vs the World
Wipeout XL 
World's Scariest Police Chases
Worms Armageddon
Wu Tang Clan: Shaolin Style

WWF Attitude
WWF Smackdown
WWF Smackdown 2
X-men: Mutant Academy
Zero Divide


 Imports, Patched games, & Other Unusual Stuff

    Tail Concerto: [JP]

Technomage: 2D RPG with an isometric viewpoint. Cracked, NTSC or PAL selector applied. [PAL]

    Tekken 3: Either [US] or [JP] versions, import has the original endings that were changed for the US release.

    Tenchu: Stealth Assassins: Either [US] or [JP] versions, US versions has extra levels and content + analog controller support not found in the original Japanese release.

    Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen: Same as the first part, but re-released with the extras put into the US version. Also has an English language option and a very cool level editor. [JP] 

    Tenchu: Shinobi Hyakusen: Doesn't have the level editor, but has a shitload (122!) of homemade levels made by winners of a contest in Japan. [JP] 

    Tenchu Wokurau 2: Known in the US arcades as "Warriors of Fate." Beat-em up in the vein of classic Capcom games like Final Fight or Captain Commando. [JP] 

    Thrill Kill BETA: Unreleased 4 player fighting game that was trashed because of it's heavy gore quotient. Eventually turned into the "Wu Tang Clan" game.

    Thrill Kill Complete Version: This is the final version, it has all the movies and music missing from the beta. 

    Time Crisis: Project Titan: Patched to NTSC, this sequel supports the Guncon. No other differences that I know of. [PAL]

    Tin Tin: Destination Adventure: Adventure game with 3D graphics that plays a bit like a 2D platformer. Based on the cartoon character. Multilanguage. [PAL]

    Titan AE Demo Disk: This is a playable demo disk of a movie licensed game that ended up never being released. 

    Tobal 2: [JP] 

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater BETA: Contains unfinished and unseen levels that aren't in any other version. Gameshark codes are recommended in order to have infinite time to explore the levels.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 BETA: Haven't played it enough to check the differences out between this and the released version, but it's definitely a beta.

    Torc: This is the full version of a game that was never released. Its a racing type game with action elements, your character is an ogre in some sort of racing contraption.

    Toukon Retsuden 2: [JP] 

    Toukon Retsuden 3: Also known as New Japan Pro Wrestling, this is probably the best 3D wrestling game I've ever played at the time it was released. 4 player simultaneous, large character roster, 30 or 60 fps mode, cool entrances, and a great grappling system. [JP] 

    Transformers: Beast Wars Metals: [JP] 
    Ultraman Fighting Evolution: [JP] 

    Um Jammer Lammy: [JP] 

    Vampire: Known in the US as "Darkstalkers". Here the characters have their original names. Not sure if it contains anything that's not in the US version. [JP]

    Vampire Savior: Known in the US as "Darkstalkers 3", this is the uncensored version that has all the blood and other stuff left out of the US release. [JP] 

    Vampire Hunter D: [JP] 
    Viper: [PAL] 

    Virtual Pro Wrestling: The original Japanese version of the game released in the USA as WCW VS the World [JP]

    Wipeout 3: Special Edition: Patched to NTSC [PAL]
    Worms Pinball: Features a +5 trainer and a PAL/NTSC selector. Realistic pinball game based on the Worms license. [PAL]

    Wu Tang Clan BETA: This very early prerelease only has a few backgrounds and playable characters.

    X2: A horizontal shmup with a two player co-op mode from Team17, the same makers as the Worms series. [JP]

    X-1 Sai Jumbo: Some sort of sequel to the game known in the US as Devil Dice. [JP]

    X-Com: Terror from the Deep: [PAL]

    X-men VS Street Fighter EX: A mediocre arcade translation that's missing a lot of animation and loses the tag feature found in the arcade. [JP]