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Common US Saturn Releases

    Alien Trilogy:
    Area 51:
    Battle Monsters:

    Burning Rangers:

    Clockwork Knight 2:

    Congo: The Movie:
    Crypt Killer:
    Darius Gaiden:
    Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition:
    Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition Netlink Edition:
    Die Hard Arcade:
    Duke Nukem 3D:

    Earthworm Jim 2:

    Galactic Attack:

    Guardian Heroes


    Iron Storm:

    Marvel Super Heroes:
    Mega Man 8:
    Mortal Kombat II:

 Imports, Patched games, & Other Unusual Stuff

    All Japan Pro Wrestling: [JP] 

    Astra Superstars: An amazing 2D fighter with lush animation. Requires 4m RAM cart. [JP] 

    Baku Baku: I usually hate puzzle games, but this one's nice. Plays a bit like Columns or Dr. Mario, you have to match up falling pieces of food with the appropriate animal that eats them. [JP]

    Baroque: [JP]

    Battle Garrega: [JP]

    Battle Stations: [JP]

    Biohazard: This is the original uncut Japanese version that has more gore than any of the US released Playstation versions. [JP] 

    Blastwind: [JP]

    Bubble Symphony: Altered to US mode. [JP]

    Bulk Slash: [JP]

    Capcom Generations 1: Great conversions of 1941, 1942, 1942'. [JP] 

    Capcom Generations 2: Arcade conversions of all the Ghouls & Ghosts series. [JP] 

    Capcom Generations 4: Arcade ports of Commando, Mercs, and Gunsmoke. Compatible with multi-tap. [JP]

    Capcom Generations 5: The greatest arcade conversions of SF2, SF2', and SF2T to ever hit a home console. Much better than the Psx version. [JP] 

    Columns Arcade Collection: A collection of several different incarnations of Columns, including the original arcade game and the Mega Drive version.  [JP]

    Cotton Boomerang: [JP] 

    Cotton 2: A great 2D shooting game, 1m RAM cart optional. [JP] 

    Cyberbots: 2D robot fighter in the vein of SF. Requires 1m RAM cart. [JP] 

    Daytona USA Circuit Edition: [JP]

    Dead or Alive: Breast-oriented fighter in it's first incarnation, one of the few 3D fighters that's better on the Saturn than the Playstation. [JP] 

    Death Crimson: An extremely poor horror-themed shooter game that supports the Stunner lightgun. [JP] 

    Dezaemon 2: An interesting game where you can design your own shooter, and also comes with premade examples. Altered to US mode. [JP]

    Digital Pinball: Last Gladiators: Similar to Necronomicon, A+ pinball game. [JP] 

    Digital Pinball: Necronomicon: Very well done realistic pinball game. [JP] 

    Doom: [PAL?] 

    Dracula XX: (Konami) Saturn version of Castlevania:SotN, with a few added areas and the ability to play as Maria from the start. [JP] 

    Dungeons and Dragons Collection: Conversions of both of the arcade brawlers, requires 4m RAM cart. [2CD, Jap]

    Elan Doree: Altered to US mode and requires 1m RAM cart. [JP]

    Falcom Classics Vol 1: Contains Y's, Xanadu, and Dungeon Master  [JP] 

    Fatal Fury 3: Somewhat crappy conversion of the arcade game, requires 1m RAM cart but works with the 4mb also. [JP] 

    Fatal Fury: Real Bout Special: Very nice update to FF3, much better conversion. Requires 1m RAM cart. [JP]

    Fighters History Dynamite: Neo Geo conversion also known as "Karnov's Revenge". Requires 1m RAM cart. [JP] 

    Fighters Megamix: Either [US] or [JP] versions.

    Fighting Vipers: Both [US] and [JP] versions available of this great AM2 coin-op conversion. Japanese version features exclusive "PEPSIMAN" character removed from US vers!

    Final Fight Revenge: The Saturn's swansong, and what a turd it is. 3D fighter based on the FF universe, looks like Fighting Force meets Virtua Fighter. For completists or fans only, plays and looks like ass. Requires 4m RAM cart. [JP]

    Fire Pro Blazing Tornado Wrestling: Take character designs and a few play mechanics of FPW and add an arcade style presentation, and this is the result. Great game, but much different than 6MS. [JP]

    Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Man Scramble: A god amongst wrestling games, this slice of heaven has it all. Death matches, hundreds of wrestlers, the deepest create a character mode known to man, the whole shebang. [JP]

    Gals Panic SS: Altered to US mode. [JP]

    Gekirindan: [JP]

    Godzilla: Japanese text heavy strategy game where you combat the Big G. [JP] 

    Golden Axe: The Duel: 2D fighting game with characters from the Golden Axe universe. Not the greatest, but not too bad either. [JP] 

    Groove On Fight:  A 2D two-on-two tag fighter that requires the 1m RAM cart. [JP]

    Gun Frontier: [JP]

    House of the Dead: A great playing conversion of the arcade hit, yet the graphics suffer the crappy 3D hardware of the Saturn. Compatible with lightguns. Available in either [JP] or [US] versions. US version is uncensored with red blood. 

    Hyper Duel: Cool horizontal 2D shoot-em-up with some nice FX and a transforming fighter ala Robotech. [JP]

    Keio Yugekitai: Katsugekihen: Based on the characters in Keio: Flying Squadron for Sega CD, this time in an platformer instead of a shooter. [JP]

    The King of Fighters '96: Conversion of the Neo Geo coin-op. Requires 1m RAM cart but works with the official Capcom 4mb cart with a bit of graphical glitching on the 2P character. [JP]

    The King of Fighters '97: Another great conversion of the Neo Geo coin-op. Requires 1m RAM cart but works with the 4mb one also. [JP] 

    Kingdom Granprix: [JP]

    Konami Antiques MSX Collection: [JP] 

    Kyukyoku Tiger II Plus: [JP]

    Lightning Gunner Demo: Demo version of the unreleased shooter [JP]

    Macross: Super Dimension Fortress: Well done horizontal shmup based on the animated series.  [2CD, Jap] 

    Manx TT: [JP]

    Marvel Superheroes VS Street Fighter: A jaw dropping arcade conversion that stands as a testament of the Saturn's 2D powerhouse. Requires 4m RAM cart. [JP] 

    Metal Black: Horizontally scrolling shooter  [JP] 

    Metal Slug: Stunning conversion of the Neo Geo arcade game, complete with lots of animation and all the violence intact. Requires 1m RAM cart, works with 4mb one also. [JP]

    Mighty Hits: Lightgun party game very similar to Namco's Point Blank series. Supports the Stunner, altered to US mode. [JP]

    Mortal Kombat Trilogy: I was told that this is the Japanese version, though I see no differences between it and the regular English version. Virtually identical to the Playstation version with a few less minor bugs. [JP]