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Common US Saturn Releases

    Panzer Dragoon:
    Panzer Dragoon II Zwei:

    Panzer Dragoon Saga:
    Resident Evil:
    Sega Ages:
    Sega Rally Championship:
    Shining Force 3:
    Shining Wisdom:
    Shinobi Legions:
    Sonic 3D Blast:
    Sonic R:
    Street Fighter Alpha 2
    Three Dirty Dwarves:
    Virtua Cop:
    Virtua Cop 2:
    Virtua Fighter 2:
    X-men: Children of the Atom:

 Imports, Patched games, & Other Unusual Stuff

    Ninpen Mamaru: Altered to US mode and fan-translated into English. [Jap]

    Parodius: [PAL?] 

    Psychic Killer Taromaru: Actually titled Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru, often called either Psychic Assassin or Psychic Killer Taromaru by English collectors. Very loosely based on Spellcaster (SMS) or Mystic Defender (Genesis), a cool action game with a bit of platforming set in feudel Japan..  [Jap] 

    Rabbit: 2d fighting game that requires the 1m RAM cart. [Jap] 

    Radiant Silvergun: [Jap] 

    Riglord Saga 2: [Jap]

    Robot Wars Final: [Jap]

    Samurai Showdown 3: Requires 1m RAM cart. [Jap]

    Samurai Showdown 4:  Requires 1m RAM cart. [Jap] 

    Sega Ages Fantasy Zone: [Jap] 

    Sega Ages Galaxy Force II: A pretty damn good conversion of the classic coin op that even includes upscaled sprites. Probably the best version of the game until the 3DS remake. [JP] 

    Sega Ages Memorial Vol 1: [Jap] 

    Sega Ages Mickey & Donald Collection: [Jap] 

    Sega Ages Power Drift: Conversion of the classic super-scaler arcade driving game that looks and plays a bit like Outrun but with a rally theme. [Jap] 

    Sega Touring Car: [Jap] 

    Shienryu: Altered to US mode. [Jap]

    Shin Oh Ken Ragnagard: [Jap] 

    Skull Fang: [Jap]

    Sonic Jam: [Jap] 

    Sonic Wings: A great conversion conversion of the vertical arcade shmup also known as Aero Fighters. [Jap] 

    Steam Hearts: [Jap] 

    Steep Slope Sliders: Altered to US mode. [Jap]

    Street Fighter Zero: [Jap] 

    Street Fighter Zero 3: A flawless arcade translation that requires the 4m RAM cart. [Jap] 

    Strikers 1945: [Jap] 

    Super Tempo: Action platform game with colorful graphics and a musical theme. Sequel to the original 32x Tempo game. [Jap]

    Three Wonders: Conversion of the obscure arcade title, features 3 individual games with a similar theme. [Jap]

    Thunder Force Gold Pack 1: [Jap]

    Thunder Force Gold Pack 2: [Jap]

    Thunder Force 5: [Jap] 

    Tryrush Deppy: [Jap]

    Vampire Hunter: 2nd installment of the Darkstalkers series. [Jap] 

    Vampire Savior: Also known as Darkstalkers 3, requires 4m RAM cart. Near perfect conversion that includes an English language option. [Jap] 

    Virtual On: [Jap] 

    Wachenroder: [Jap]

    Waku Waku 7: 2d fighter that requires the 1m RAM cart. [Jap]

    World Heroes Perfect: [Jap]

    X-men VS Street Fighter: Virtually arcade perfect translation of the 2-on-2 tag fighter. Requires the 4mb RAM cart. [Jap]