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Common US Sega CD Releases

    5-in-1 Arcade Classics:
    The Adventures of Batman & Robin:
    Android Assault aka The Revenge of Bari Arm:
    AX 101:
    Batman Returns:
    Battle Frenzy:
    Black Hole Assault:
    Chuck Rock 2:

    Dark Wizard:
    Earthworm Jim: Special Edition:
    Ecco the Dolphin:
    Eternal Champions - Challenge from the Dark Side:   
    FIFA International Soccer:
    Ground Zero Texas: [2CD, US]

    Jaguar XJ220:
    Jurassic Park:

    Keio Flying Squadron:
Lethal Enforcers:
    Lords of Thunder:
    Lunar - Silver Star Story:
    Lunar - Eternal Blue:
    Mickey Mania:

    NBA Jam:
    Night Trap: [2CD, US]   
    Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure:
    Popful Mail:

    Road Avenger:
    Road Rash:
    Samurai Shodown:
    Shining Force CD:
    Spiderman VS The Kingpin:
    Sol Feace:
    Sonic CD:
    Soul Star:
    Star Wars: Rebel Assault
    The Terminator
    Third World War:
    Wild Woody:
    WWF: Steel Cage Challenge:


 Imports, Patched games, & Other Unusual Stuff

    4-in-1 Arcade Classics: (Sega) Contains Streets of Rage, The Revenge of Shinobi, Columns, & Golden Axe. [US] or [Jap]

    A Rank Battle Thunder: (Riot) [Jap]

    Annett Again: (Wolf Team) Side scrolling beat-em-up in the vein of Final Fight or Golden Axe, only not done as well. Stars Annett from the Earnest Evan game. [Jap]

  BC Racers demo: [PAL]

    Burning Fists: Force Striker: [US]

    Captain Tsubasa: [Jap]

    Citizen X beta:

    Cosmic Fantasy Stories: Japanese text heavy RPG, contains 2 games. [Jap]

    Cyborg 009: [Jap]
    Devestator: (Wolf Team) [Jap]
    Earnest Evans: [Jap]
    Fatal Fury Special aka Garou Densetsu Special: (JVC) Conversion of the popular Neo Geo fighting game. [US] or [Jap]

    Final Fight: (Sega) Available in either [US] or [Jap] versions. Import version has all the tits, blood, voices, and other things that were censored from the US release. 

    Flink: Available in either [US] or [PAL] versions. PAL version is multilanguage and is patched to work on regular US NTSC Sega CD systems.

    Games Can Pack Vol 1 aka Game no Kandume Volume 1: (Sega) Minigame collection, including Penguin Land and a Phantasy Star spinoff. [Jap]

    Games Can Pack Vol 2 aka Game no Kandume Volume 2: (Sega) A collection of several small games on one disk, also includes "Phantasy Star Text Adventure".  [Jap]

    Heavy Nova: [Jap]

    Lethal Enforcers 2: The Western aka Lethal Enforcers 2: The Gunfighters: (Konami) A bit better than the cart version, includes an uncensored code for blood splatters. [US] or [Jap]

    Magical Girl Silky Lip: [Jap]
    Mortal Kombat: (Arena) Better sounds and more animation than the cart. 
[US] or [Jap]

    Night Striker: (Taito) Arcade shooter conversion that is available in either the original [Jap] version or a patched version that will play on regular US NTSC Sega CD systems. 

    The Ninja Warriors: (Taito) [Jap]

    Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors: (Absolute) Previously unreleased [US, 2 CD's]

    Ranma 1/2: [Jap]
    Robo Aleste aka Dennin Aleste: Nobunaga and his Ninja Force: (Complile/Tengen) Incredible sequel to MD Aleste (M.U.S.H.A.), this top down shooter excels on several different levels, including a spectacular soundtrack. 
[US or Jap]

Sengoku: (Sammy) Obscure barebones 1-player conversion of the SNK Neo Geo side scrolling fighter. [Jap]

    Silpheed: (Sega)
[US] or [Jap]

    The Smurfs: This game was either unreleased, or had a very small distribution. It's the full game, a side-scrolling platformer based on the Smurfs cartoon. [PAL]

    Sonic CD BETA: (Sega) Contains the first 3 zones in an unpolished form. Several small differences from the released version. [US]

    Sonic CD ++: (Hack) So it's Sonic CD, redesigned with a spin dash and homing attack, possibly more. [US]

    Sonic MegaMix: [US]

    Super League CD: (Sega) [Jap]

    Theme Park: [PAL]