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Unlicensed Street Fighter II Famicom Hacks
A comparison guide for the various flavors of SF2 pirate carts, for people with way too much invested in SF2

Street Fighter VI: 12 Peoples or
(As properly credited on the title screen)

If Master Fighter II was a flirt with potential greatness then Street Fighter II: Pro is sexual homicide. I don't think I've become so angry and enraged at a game since I was a child. Once I caught myself holding the cartridge with both hands in a motion to snap the fucker in half.

Here's where this whole thing takes on a complete new persona, as you get to see a real inside view into the world of "original programming" in the pirate cartridge world.

To my left, the most amazing title screen ever programmed by humans. Note the date of 1996, 3 years after our last "Pro" edition was released, if you can put any faith in it's accuracy.

Three extra years of programming under their belt and they still removed the little plane icon and replaced it with one of Ryu's fireballs. Apparently those extra 4 character slots required the removal of the world map, as its exactly the same as before only some dots on a black background rather than a globe. Notice that the Cony Soft logo is gone, so this may not be their handiwork, but who knows?

Besides gracing us with the most spectacular title screen ever presented in a video game, the "12 peoples" title is actually a cruel hoax: we really are getting 4 extra recolors. Talk about a dicktease. But wait! There's more than just a snazzy title screen and 4 puke-toned recolors!
To the left, a lame recolor of Chun Li's reimagined stage from SF2:Pro.

To the right, the epic battle in a post apocalyptic New York straight out of Planet of the Fucking Apes, complete with desolated landscape and a scorching sun blistering the barren planet with radiation. You don't remember that from the arcade version?

Probably not, because every background other than the Chun Li recolor is an original effort, and I use the term original as loosely as possible. By original effort I really mean jarringly cut together from other games.


 Here's some shots from my "FIGHTER 16Peoples STREET VI" cart. Notice the 1993 date, so try to figure out the logic behind these pirates. This was obviously made after 12 Peoples, so why is the date '93?

To the right is the character select screen, which as you can see does nothing but add an additional 4 cloned characters under 7, 8, F, and G.

Before we dissect that any farther, I'd like to formally introduce you to
Street Fighter V: 20 Peoples

or by the title screen
Fighter V

So with this new update they've just tossed the idea of a title screen aside, the game cuts straight from the VS mode screen to the character select screen. And what a screen it is...

Starting with "Fighter V", they just dropped the whole concept of being faithful to the SFII coin op, to an extent. All names are removed, all backgrounds similar to the arcade are removed, and the post fight text is removed. Whereas SFII:Pro had "Ha Ha Very Easy Congratulation" as a generic placeholder text on the victory screen, now you just get a picture of your character. Balrog (boxer) and Vega (claw) have been added in an art style and sprite size that looks like the artists drawing the sprites didn't even use any other sprite as a reference.

Look at these backgrounds! A fucking giant tiger face un a jungle with a shitty Mario sprite looking on?

Is that the aircraft carrier from Afterburner or what? And, if you look closely, all the backgrounds from the previous versions of the game (the original, non-coin op ones) have been recolored in some garish hues.

Where the heck are those army vehicle sprites ripped from? Or that airplane? And what the fuck are those blobby things under the monument in France?

In case you're wondering, the Dragonball character at the title screen is just Ryu when you pick him.

So the next piece of crap I've got to show you is now Street Fighter V Turbo 60, which is just the same damn thing as before only the entire screen is taken up with duplicate character selections. AFAIK, there are no additions in any way to the backgrounds, possibly some recolorings but to be honest this game is just way too shitty for me to play anymore and pick out any differences. I can't find this ROM dumped offhand so I am forced to snap a few grabs off my TV screen.

If you look close you'll notice some of the characters on the select screen are supposed to look like Fatal Fury characters, and other SFII characters that aren't actually included in the game. Of course it's just wishful thinking to think that would actually be something new.

One thing to note about Street Fighter V Turbo 60 is that it has a 1996 date on it and still is credited to Cony Soft, Int. It still doesn't have any sprites for Bison (Dictator) or Sagat, and adds absolutely nothing to Fighter V other than the exception of the weird character select portraits 


Street Fighter III: The light at the end of the tunnel? Or the toilet? (not finished)