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Unlicensed Street Fighter II Famicom Hacks
A comparison guide for the various flavors of SF2 pirate carts, for people with way too much invested in SF2

Street Fighter III aka Super Fighter III

So along comes Street Fighter III, or Super Fighter III, depending on the version you happen to own. I remember reading that the Super Fighter III version was actually the original title, and the SFIII version just took the screen from Master Fighter II and added an additional Roman numeral on it. I don't know if that's 100% fact, but it's definitely believable.

When you first fire this up you'll notice the stark contrast between the graphical presentation of it and the previous two SF2 versions. I don't mean in static screens or cinemas, but in the actual gameplay. For once it looks and plays...competent?

The characters themselves are redrawn in a shorter, squat style than the other games. This is a perfectly fine tradeoff to me due to the fact there isn't a massive amount of sprite flicker the entire time you play. I would almost suggest that the designers of the game had some idea of what the restraints of the hardware were and kept within those boundaries. While there isn't a whole lot of animation on the characters, they all move around the screen rather fluidly without the flickery, jerky shit that was present in Cony's versions. And the most amazing part: You can actually control your character! What an idea! Your character (most of the time) will actually do what you want him to do!
I would actually go so far as to say that this is a passible attempt at a fighter on the Famicom.  



In closing... some additional hacks and other misc info