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Top Fighter 2000 MKVIII aka Top Fighter 2005 aka Mortal Kombat 8

Character move list and general game information

Top Fighter 2000 title screen

Top Fighter 2000 MKVIII is an unlicensed fighting game for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis system made by an unknown developer. Often referred to as a "pirate original" it was made without the permission from Sega, Capcom, SNK, or any other company that owns the characters in the roster.

Probably the thing Top Fighter is best known for is having both Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali as fighting game characters. Several times I've seen these referred to as original sprites but they aren't. Both characters are just edited sprites ripped from "The King of Fighters '94" arcade game for Neo Geo

Ali VS Ryu

Top Fighter 2005 title screen

Every character and most art elements used by the game are ripped from various arcade games. Many of the backgrounds are either straight rips of existing arcade game backgrounds (Marvel Super Heroes, The King of Fighters '95, etc) or are cobbled together from pieces of artwork from existing games to form a "new" background. All of the voice samples are taken from existing arcade fighters, and the music is reused from other unlicensed pirate games such as Pocket Monster, Mortal Combat 5 Sub Zero, and The King of Fighters '98, all for Sega Mega Drive.

Top Fighter was also translated into Chinese and rereleased as Top Fighter 2005.

Top Fighter 2000 intro

Top Fighter 2000 intro

Unlike most people I think the fighting engine used by TF2k isn't too awful, it's much better than any pre-SFII fighting game and pretty much as good or better than any other Mega Drive fighter that isn't named Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat. There are a lot of hit detection issues and some control glitches that could have been addressed, but to be programmed by a group of unknowns as a quick cash grab I think these shortcomings can be overlooked.

There's a few basic control issues and gameplay mechanics that need to be understood to appreciate the game fully.

Top Fighter 2000 intro

Cyclops VS Kyo

Negative Edge Moves
Top Fighter has a strange control mechanic that I'm sure wasn't intentional. Now I know that I'm not using the term Negative Edge in the correct tense, but that's the closest term I can think of to describe it. A regular special move may be D, DF, F + C. You can also perform this move if you simply hold C then do the directional sequence. This will work for every special move, but won't work with the supers due to you having to perform double directional sequences.

Cyclops VS Geese

Top Fighter 2000 intro

The B Button Glitch
As detailed in in my findings in this thread, all of the present unlicensed Sega fighters are built upon the same game engine. This engine has a potentially game breaking bug about pressing and holding the B button, and each game deals with it just a little differently. After holding the B button down, you cannot move left or right. This bug effectively breaks the game because not only will this do it if you HOLD B, but if you PRESS B AND FORWARD OR BACK. In other words, you must fully release the D-pad when you want to punch, because if you are walking forward and press punch your character will come to a complete dead stop and not do ANYTHING.

Top Fighter 2000 intro

Top Fighter 2005 character select screen

Known in game as "Cyclo"
Sprite ripped from X-Men: Children of the Atom

Optic Blast
: D, DF, F + B
Rising Upper: F, D, DF + B
Massive Optic Blast: D, DF, F X2 + B

Top Fighter 2005 versus screen

Top Fighter 2000 intro

Muhammad Ali
Known in game as "Ali"
Sprite ripped from Heavy D! from "The King of Fighters '94" and heavily edited

R.S.D.: D, DF, F + B
Soul Flower: F, D, DF + B
Blast Upper: D, DF, F + C
Uppercut Fireball: D, DF, F + B

Top Fighter 2000 options screen

Top Fighter 2000 character select screen

Ryo Sakazaki
Known in game as "Ryo"
Sprite ripped from "Fatal Fury Special"

Kou Oh Ken:
D, DF, F + B
F, D, DF + B
Zanretsuken: Rapidly press B or Hold B + Back x2
Haoh Shoukoken: D, DF, F x2 + B

Top Fighter 2000 versus screen

Geese VS Kyo

Geese Howard
Known in game as "Gees"
Sprite ripped from "Fatal Fury Special"

Reppu Ken: D, DF, F + B
Shadow Kick: D, DF, F + C
Force Punch: F, D, DF + B
Super Reppu Ken:  D, DF, F X2 + B

Cyclops VS Ryo

Top Fighter 2005 versus screen

Michael Jordan
Known in game as "Joden"
Sprite ripped from Lucky Glauber from "The King of Fighters '94" and heavily edited

Death Bound: D DF, F + B
Cyclone Break: D, DB, B + C
Lucky Vision: D, DB, B + B
Hell Bound: D, DF, F X2 + B

Jordan VS Ali

Known in game as "Ryu"
Sprite ripped from "Street Fighter Alpha"

Hadoken: D, DF, F + B
Shoryuken: F, D, DF + B
Hurricane Kick: D, DB, B + C
Shin Hadoken: D, DF, F X2 + B

Known in game as "Goku"
Sprite ripped from "Dragon Ball Z: Final Bout"

Flip Kick: D, DB, B + C
Fireball: D, DF, F + B
Teleport: D, DB, B + C
Super Fireball:  D, DF, F X2 + B

Top Fighter 2005 cartridge

Kyo Kusanagi
Known in game as "Kyo"
Sprite ripped from "The King of Fighters '95"

Yamibarai: D, DF, F + B
Oniyaki: F, D, DF + B
Oboroguruma: D, DF, F  + C
Orochi Nagi: D, DF, F X2 + B

Top Fighter 2000 cartridge