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Found here is listing of items in my personal collection for the purpose of cataloging and talking with other traders about our hobby. It is not my intention to sell items or advertise items for sale.


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    American History X uncut workprint: Alternate soundtrack and possibly some extended / reworked scenes, I haven't watched the original enough to draw a close enough inspection. Decent quality.

    Apocalypse Now workprint: (1979) Lasts 5 1/2 hours, letterboxed, pretty shit quality. Many never before seen scenes including Robert Duvall saving a little Cong baby, the river boat crew first rescuing and then later having sex with the USO showgirls, the once lost French compound dinner scene, Dennis Hopper being shotgunned to death, plus helicopters, helicopters and MORE helicopters! Tons of shit not even found in the Redux version,

    Army of Darkness composite print: Quality ranges from good to crappy on this one, its a composite print with all the footage of the import version of AoD spliced into the US version. You get all the changed dialog and clipped scenes along with the original ending in the places it would have normally been in the alternate versions. 

    Aurther C. Clarke's Mysterious World: (1980) Taken from the PAL release, this is every episode of this amazing British TV series dedicated to the weird and paranormal, such as strange creatures, mysteries from the ancient world, UFO's, and more. Impeccable quality. [4 DVD's, R2 source]

    Cabin Fever composite cut: Absolutely wonderful recut of the film in non-anamorphic widescreen, composite version with workprint scenes inserted in where they should go along with a subtitle track that is a workprint guide to what all was cut/restored. Truly top notch fan created stuff.

Creepshow workprint:

    Die Hard 2 workprint:

    Encounter With Disaster aka The 13 Great Disasters that Shook the World: (1979) [VHS source]

    The Fantastic Four: (1994) Unreleased. [VHS source]

    Freddy's Dead workprint: (1991) Quality is pretty much shit, but includes about 20 minutes of footage not found in any other cut!

    Friday the 13th uncut: This is the uncut version that has those precious few clips of gore that were cut out of the regular US release. In English with Japanese subtitles. [VCD FORMAT ONLY]

    Friday the 13th: Part 4 composite workprint: (1984) Regular footage taken from the 16:9 R1, with additional footage edited in. New footage is from a fairly good source, A+ editing job on the disk itself.

    Hardcore TV: 4 DVD set, 3 episodes per disk of the old HBO sketch comedy.

Halloween workprint (2007) [VHS source]

    Halloween 666 composite workprint:
Widescreen director's edition of this installment before it got cut all to hell and released to theaters. Follows a completely different storyline than the released version, and while not the greatest movie it makes a lot more sense than that garbage they ended up putting out.

    Hellraiser III workprint: Differs somewhat from the theatrical version although I'm not 100% sure of all the changes. Timestamped with saturated colors but completely watchable. [VHS source]

    House of 1000 Corpses workprint: (2003) Depending on your disposition, either the a breath of fresh air in the horror genre or an overhyped piece of shit, this directorial debut of Rob Zombie tries to capture the look and feel of 70's exploitation horror flicks. Widescreen, timestamped, no credits. Not sure exactly what cut version this is. Has a few slight differences between the final version, including some audio changes and visual effects.

   Jason Goes To Hell composite workprint: (1993) Fully uncut composite print of the ninth, and supposedly final, installment in the series. Runs a bit like The Hidden, but it's definitely one of the better sequels. This version has all of the gore, dialogue, monsters (including the hellspawn!), fights and miscellaneous scenes that are missing from both the R and Unrated "director's cut" videos. Varies between fair to dog shit quality. Also includes pre-production visual FX shots and some misc footage after the credits.

King Kong vs. Godzilla: (1962) Same US dubbed version we've all seen, only this has Grampa Munster hosting it on Super Scary Saturday! Lots of corny jokes during breaks, also includes WCW style intro complete with Jim Cornett and his tennis racket. Includes commercial breaks, taken from my 1st gen VHS tape.

    Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 workprint: (1989) Rough cut of the director's cut of TCM 3, with all of the gore that was cut from the R-rated theatrical release, a few alternate scenes (Ken Foree bites it), and the original ending. This version contains additional footage missing from the recent so-called "uncut" re-issue. No music or credits.

    The Man Who Saw Tomorrow: [VHS source]

    Natural Born Killers workprint: [2 DVD's]

    Night of the Living Dead workprint: (1990) This is the unrated workprint of Tom Savini's retelling of Romero's classic zombie film. Contains an alternate soundtrack and all the violence that was cut in order for the film to receive an R rating. Pan & scan or open matte? Not sure.

    Return of the Living Dead workprint: (1985) Uncut work print of this great tongue-in-cheek horror film written and directed by Dan O'Bannon. This version contains lots of extra bits of dialogue and some deleted footage including a little extra gore and an end sequence that takes place after the ending in the release prints. No music and some alternate sound takes also. Quality isn't so great, but watchable.

    Robocop: Special Edition: Has the same unedited movie as the Criterion version, but with an alternate commentary track and a ton of extras and deleted scenes not found in any other version.  [R2 PAL]

    Robocop 2 workprint

    Rodan: (1957) Hosted by Grampa Munster on Super Scary Saturday! Includes lots of crappy jokes and even a Top Gun style video complete with "Highway to the Dangerzone" song. Has commercial breaks. Taken from my 1st generation VHS.

    Threads: [VHS source]

TV Funhouse Complete: (2000) Complete 8 episode run of this fucked up show that originally appeared on Comedy Central. Hilariously done comedy shorts, combining live action, animation, claymation, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

    TV Funhouse SNL shorts collection: The nearly complete (80+) collection of shorts originally shown on SNL. Quality ranges from good to excellent. Includes Ambiguously Gay Duo, Fun with Real Audio, ect.